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Cruise Control

cruisecontrolCruise Control: Watchers Crew #2

When he pushed her button, she lost control.

Kira has never had an orgasm, not even by her own hand. When she catches yet another boyfriend cheating, she escapes humiliation by sticking her tongue down the throat of the first guy she sees. Problem is, the seemingly quiet guy she kisses expects an even exchange. If she gets to put her tongue in his mouth, he gets to put his…elsewhere.
It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Tall, dark, and intense, Owl likes control in all things. He unlocks Kira’s body with his touch, but wants absolute control over her pleasure. The problem is Kira wants them to be exclusive, and Owl wants to share his new treasure with the rest of his crew.

Kira believes an open relationship is the same as cheating. Can Owl convince her there is security and devotion in sharing? Or will Kira retreat back to an unsatisfying life of cheaters and liars?

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Chapter One

I knew I should’ve blown him this morning, but I had to get to my biology tutor. I’d gotten a series of B’s in Biology 101 and it was messing with my 4.0 GPA. So this morning, while he was still sleeping, I’d decided to blow off giving my boyfriend some head and went off to tend to my education instead of tending to his dick.

It was the wrong decision.

There he was, standing in the corner of a bar with his crotch pushed into the hip of some vapid blonde. She giggled and flicked her hair over her bare shoulder as he whispered in her ear. The strobe lights on the dance floor made a sweep over them and the light shone directly into her eyes, and out her ears.

I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. The skin around my eyes bunched up like the blinders they put on horses to keep out distractions and keep the animal’s attention focused on the direction it needed to go. I stood there and watched Sergio’s hand trace over the speed bumps of her breasts. Those hands, which had been in my pussy just last night, took the sharp curve of the blonde’s waist and came to rest on the turnpike that was her ass.

The journey was no accident. When I confronted him this time, he couldn’t tell me she bumped into his hand. He wouldn’t convince me he was just helping her out by reaching for something in her pocket. These were horse blinders over my eyes, not sheep’s wool.
I would not accept another lame ass excuse. I would not allow myself to look the other way and pretend I didn’t see what was right in front of me. Not this time.

Fuck! Why the hell hadn’t I skipped my tutoring session?

I heard my mother’s voice in my ear. She always railed that the more educated the woman, the less likely she was to get a husband, especially if she has any color to her skin. The pickings were slim for smart women of color, my momma insisted. When I told her I’d have both, an education and a man, she raised an eyebrow at me and turned back to look out the living room window to perform her one and only task, which was waiting for my father to come home so she could take his shirt and clean off the lipstick stains that weren’t her shade of red.

From my position at the bar, I saw the pink lipstick stains on Sergio’s collar. I’d picked out that shirt for his birthday last month.

I wasn’t even angry any more; I was just tired. Tired of fighting the reality that sooner or later all men cheat. It’s just in their DNA. Thanks to my biology lesson, I learned that it’s more than human males DNA. The tendency is in all male animals. My tutor, Ellie, said it’s in insects too. Few male species are faithful to their mates.

I knew this. I’d learned it at a young age. I’d had the message reinforced since I began dating in middle school. My cheating-boyfriend-radar had been fine tuned before my junior year of high school.

With Sergio, I’d figured out his phone passcode after our third date, and got access to all his texts, social media, and emails. I’d found him so easily tonight because I’d hacked the GPS in his car (and Momma said my education would get me nowhere with a man). I knew that he’d been cheating since last week. Now, it was just a question of did I want to put in the work to get him back into my bed tonight?

The forecast called for a storm later on tonight. Thunder always woke me up, and I hated waking up in bed by myself. My fingers hovered over the top button of my blouse, ready to release the girls to draw my man back to me. But just then Sergio looked up and caught sight of me. His expression halted my trigger finger. I watched, frozen, as Sergio fit three emotions into two seconds, much like our love life.

His first expression was of shock. His eyes widened as he looked up and recognized that it was me. Then his eyes dropped into guilt. That look sparked hope in my heart.

Maybe this could be salvaged. Maybe I wouldn’t have to sleep alone tonight. That blonde was clearly hitting on him. He was just being nice.

He hadn’t groped her ass. He’d been shoving the scrap of paper with her number on it back into the back pocket of her jeans. He had to push his fingers into her ass to get it all the way into her pocket because her jeans were so damn tight. It was loud in this place. That’s why he leaned down to whisper in her ear; to communicate to her that he had a girlfriend.

But then Sergio’s face morphed into a sneer. His head tilted to the side. His mouth opened as though he let out a single, huffing bark of laughter. The music blared, but I heard that huff of laughter from across the room. More than waking up alone to the sound of thunder, I hated that look of pity my exes got on their faces when it finally clicked for them the depths I went to to track them down and try to hold on to them.

I couldn’t handle that look, not tonight. I turned my back on my ex and searched desperately for a Plan B. I zeroed in on the first thing I saw with pecs and biceps.

Dark eyes stared back at me through almond-shaped eyelids. Intelligence oozed out of the corners of those long lashes. Generally, I didn’t prefer my victims to be smart. I liked them with big dicks and small brains. It made them easier to control when I could simply yank on the biggest parts of their body to get their attention. This guy’s dark eyes were so clear I saw my reflection in the dim lighting. It looked as though he’d seen everything that had just gone down and knew what was about to happen next.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I have no idea why I asked him that question. Maybe because I believed in karma and I didn’t want it coming back around on me for what I was about to do.

“No.” His voice was quiet, a whisper over his silky tongue, but I heard him clearly. He said that one word with a slight raise of his eyebrow, as though the concept was juvenile, ridiculous.

He was likely a player, had to be with those good looks and easy confidence. He was Asian, but I wasn’t down enough with Asian culture to know which country.

His skin had a deep tan to it. His dark hair rested just above his eyebrows in a wave, as though he’d swept it out of his way just a moment ago. But it fell back over his eyes as he tilted his head down to survey my body. I could tell that I met his approval when his nostrils flared as they swept over my breasts. He suited perfectly for my plan.

“Good,” I said just before I reached up to pull his head down to my mouth.

He didn’t jerk back from me in disgust. But neither did he gasp as though surprised by my actions. He didn’t open his mouth and try to shove his tongue down my throat. But neither did he open for me as I licked sensually at his lips. He just stood there, letting me lick my tongue futilely. And then, I felt his hand move between us.

My tongue rested on the divot at the middle of his lower lip as my attention focused on the track of his hand. His fingers lightly traced down my side. It was a gentle touch. It skittered the fabric of my blouse, giving only a bit of pressure to the skin beneath. He continued the motion across my belly, and on down to my pubic bone. Before he got those sneaky fingers in between my legs, I gasped and pulled my mouth away from him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I shuffled back half a step, but then I stopped and pressed my thighs together. The areas where his fingers had contacted my skin through the fabric of my clothes all tingled.

“You tried to put your tongue in my mouth,” he leaned back against the bar. “I tried to put my hand in your pussy.”

I straightened my shoulders with a huff while my pussy buzzed at the sound of its name on this guy’s tongue. “I was only kissing you.”

“I don’t see a difference,” he shrugged.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Sergio, my boyfriend. Strike that- my ex boyfriend. Sergio, my ex boyfriend, was making his way over to us. He fumbled a step as he evidently caught sight of the man standing with me. Sergio’s hand went to his chin. He scratched at the pity he’d been about to present to me. That pitiful expression was slowly crumbling away.

“Look,” I turned back to the guy at the bar. “I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me.”

“Boyfriend?” There went that eyebrow again.

I didn’t like the way he said that word with a smirk. Instead of the twenty-year old modern woman I was, I felt he was looking at me as though I had on a poodle skirt and I’d just told him my steady guy offered me a promise ring.

The truth was Sergio had never promised me anything. I’d called him my boyfriend, but he’d never confirmed it by calling me his girlfriend in return. Nor had we exactly said we’d be exclusive to each other, but we had been screwing around for over a month now. Thirty plus days of fucking and blow jobs should imply exclusivity.

The Asian guy looked around the dance floor. “Your man is in here fucking another girl?” His voice was full of interest, as though he would like to see that show.

“No,” I grimaced. “He was talking to some girl over in the corner. He just saw me and he’s headed this way.”

Just like Sergio scratched his chin a second ago, this guy’s hand rose and scratched as he considered my words. “He was just talking to some girl?”

It wasn’t pity on his face, but I still felt like he was speaking to me as though I were a child coming to him with an adolescent’s concern, like someone was playing with my Ken doll without my permission.

“Can you just pretend to be here with me?” I said. “Just for a minute, and then I’ll leave you alone. Please?”

His calm face studied me. Then his dark eyes flicked over my shoulder. He reached up and wrapped an arm around my waist. “Sure, but only because I like how you beg.”


I stiffened at the sound of Sergio’s voice behind me. In front of me, my eyes pleaded with my sexy decoy to be cool. In response, the corner of his sexy mouth ticked up. Decoy man moved his hand from my hip and rested it on my ass. I pursed my lips, but I let it stand and turned around.

Sergio stood there, alone. I saw the blonde standing in his wake. I placed my hand on the Asian guy’s chest. I had to take a moment to enjoy the play of muscles there beneath his soft cotton shirt. I was a sucker for a well-defined chest.

I put on my brightest smile. “Hey Serg, I thought that was you over there. You having a good time?”

Sergio looked between me and the Asian guy, then over his shoulder at the blonde. “Yeah, I’m just hanging out with some friends.” He turned back. “I thought we had plans tonight?”

I arranged my face into a theatrical wince. “I didn’t think we’d set anything firm. I’m not sure when I’ll be home.”

My partner in this lie took the hint and pulled me closer to him, nuzzling my ear. “If you’ll be home,” the Asian said in my ear, but loud enough for Sergio to hear.

I giggled like one of those vapid girls that I couldn’t stand. “Sorry, Serg. Maybe some other time?”

“Forget it, you cunt. I don’t do sloppy seconds.”

I saw red. But before I could launch into an attack, my decoy stepped up.

The Asian guy locked his arm around my waist, his fingers dug into my ass. “You’re the sloppy one if your girl needs to go out and look for somebody else to satisfy her.”

Sergio reared up. He thrust his chest out and bared his teeth. “She’s not even worth it. She can’t fuck for shit.”

Again I was ready to stand up for myself and lay into Sergio, but the Asian guy’s hand, which was still on my side, dug into me, commanding me to stay put and quiet.

He tucked me behind him and squared off, planting his feet wide. From over his shoulder I saw the smile on his face, challenging Sergio to make a move. Sergio was bigger than this guy, but that didn’t seem to bother my decoy. A crowd gathered. A bouncer came over.
Sergio took a step behind the bouncer. “Yeah, you better hold me back. You don’t want to mess with me, man.”

The bouncer escorted Sergio to the front door, but he left me and the Asian guy alone without a second glance.

Once Sergio was out the door, the Asian guy offered me his hand. “Come on.”

I put my hand in his and we headed towards the exit. In the dark night’s sky, gray storm clouds overran the deep blue. The rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance. I wrapped my arms around myself in the humid air as I thought about the long, sleepless night ahead of me.

“Thank you,” I said to my rescuer. “I appreciated your help with that.”

He shrugged as though it meant nothing. It probably hadn’t. He’d gotten to grope a woman and flex his muscles. Now, he’d go off and fuck one of the many women who had eyed him appreciatively on his way out the door. My pussy pouted that it would receive no attention this evening.

“But you know,” I said, “you didn’t have to try to put your hand up my skirt.”

“You tried to put your tongue in my mouth.”

“I kissed you. You groped me.”

“Yeah, I still don’t see the difference,” he said. “Do you know how many germs are carried in the human mouth? A woman’s pussy is far more hygienic a place for a man to put his tongue than in their mouth. A man’s dick is also a more hygienic thing to put into your mouth than someone else’s tongue.”

Was this guy for real? “So what? I violated you?”

“Yes. If you’d asked me to kiss you, I would’ve said no. I don’t know you or where your mouth has been. If you’d ask me to eat out your pussy, I would’ve said yes. Would you like me to eat out your pussy?”

I stumbled down the last step. “No.”

“Are you sure? You look like you need a good release after fucking that prick. When’s the last time you came?”

“None of your business.”

“Would you like to make it my business?”

I couldn’t respond. My body was tingling again at all the places where he’d touched me. The left side of my body where his fingers had traced. My hip, my ass, my stomach, and just below my pubic bone.

Sergio was full of shit. I wasn’t a bad lay. He never complained before. I always got him off. But it was never the other way around. This guy gave me the feels with my clothes on.

“I’d like to make it my business,” said the man who’d made me tingle with a touch. “You put your tongue in my mouth. Let me put mine in your pussy, and then we’ll call it even.”

From the corner of my eye I saw Sergio putting the blonde into his car. The best way to get over one guy was to get under another. That’s how I got over the guy I dated before going out with Sergio. Why mess with tradition?

Plus, this guy was cute. Those dark, intelligent eyes of his were glazing over in desire for me. And I’d got an impression of his size when I’d pressed myself up against him. That thing had to be bigger than his brain. I wouldn’t mind leading it around for a bit.

Why not? I sure as hell didn’t want to go home alone after that scene. And who knows? He might make an excellent new boyfriend.

“What’s your name?” I said.

“You can call me Owl.”

“Hi Owl, I’m Kira.”

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