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The Nia Rivers Adventures series

Dragon Bones Cover   Demeters Tablet COVER  Templar Scrolls Cover

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The Misadventures of Loren series

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The Cindermama Series

Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story      Rumpeled   beau

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The Watchers Crew Series

testdriveNSJ      cruisecontrolNSJ     dangerouscurvesaheadNSJ    slipperywhenwetNSJ

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The Pleasure Hound Series

ThePleasureHoundNSJ    TheLoyalSteedNSJ    TheCleverFoxNSJ    PH TrilogyNSJ

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The Moonkind Trilogy

Moonrise copy    moonlight    moonfall-notag

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The Bright Series


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The Spirited Away Trilogy

Spirited Away NSJ          cover coming soon

Out Now                    Skyjacked

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