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The Knights of Caerleon

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The Misadventures of Dame Galahad series

Ines.Johnson.SpearofDestiny.eBook       Ines.Johnson.RingofGyges.eBook.jpg       Ines.Johnson.HammerofGod.eBook.jpg      Ines.Johnson.DaggerofAmun.eBook

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The Nia Rivers Adventures series

Dragon Bones Cover   Demeters Tablet COVER  Templar Scrolls Cover  Serpent Mound  Edens Garden amazon cover

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The Cindermama Series

Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story      Rumpeled   beau

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The Moonkind Trilogy

Moonrise copy    moonlight    Moonfall Cover

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Did You Know I Also Write Steamy Erotic Romance?

I do! Under the super difficult to discern pen name of N.S. Johnson. If you don’t mind fanning your face while you read, you should check out some of those titles. There’s always a Happily Ever After, but it’s often shared 😉