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Since his youth, Prince been a crusader for justice. Standing up to schoolyard bullies, chasing drug dealers away from the community center, and challenging racists and bigots out in the street. Though he’s gone from the local MC club to FBI Agent working in the Civil Rights Division, he never left the streets behind. He’s also never forgotten the sweet, innocent, untouchable girl next door. When a case hits close to home, he’ll have to face the friends he left behind and the girl who’s never left his mind.

Since she was in pigtails and knee socks, Gabby knew she was going to marry Prince. When he left, she was heartbroken. But now he’s back and sexier than ever. She’s in designer skirts and stilettos now and she’s no longer playing games like when they were kids. She has just one week to convince Prince that they are meant to be.

When the case Prince is working puts Gabby in harm’s way the rules he lives by no longer make sense. Will he be able to let out his inner bad boy to save the woman he can’t live without?


Dragon Bones cover2Tomb Raider meets urban fantasy in a new, spine-tingling adventure!

Meet Nia Rivers: archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem.

For the last couple of centuries, Nia has been trying to fill in the blanks of her past by shedding light on history’s darkest stories. Her motto: the ugliest stories are the ones that deserve to be told the most.

But when a mysterious woman comes forth with a two-thousand year old relic from Nia’s past, Nia isn’t sure if the story connected to it is one she wants told to the world. Unfortunately, Nia has no choice but to uncover the truth–fast–before a greedy land developer buries the site forever. The fact that he’s also an immortal, with a millennia-old grudge against her, doesn’t help. Neither do the dark assassins who have been stalking her for centuries, and who’ve suddenly decided to up their game to end her life.

Letting her enemies have their way might be best for Nia, especially when the truth might expose a horrific crime from Nia’s past. But all stories deserve to be told.

Even the ugliest ones.

Even if they say you might be a mass murderer.

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beauDreams can only come true when you’re awake.

Beau Rosen has the perfect life —mostly. Thanks to her family’s magic, she saw her “One and Only” love in a dream. So why does she go to bed next to him every night and wake up from nightmares? Exhausted, overworked, and under-appreciated, Beau seeks relief from her insomnia in the healing hands of chiropractor, Darrell Walker. Darrell brings her sweet dreams and a glimpse at a different life. For the first time Beau questions if her gift has really led her to a happily ever after.

Dr. Darrell Walker doesn’t believe in the “One.” But his logical and scientific plan to find a life partner is going all wrong. So, when one of his patients with a penchant for matchmaking claims she saw his perfect match in her dream, he decides to hear her out. As Darrell and Beau work together to find his dream woman, Darrell falls under the spell of a very off-limits Beau. He can only hope that she wakes up to the fact they’re perfect together, before it’s too late.

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Templar Scrolls

I just sent “Templar Scrolls” the third Nia Rivers book off to my co-author! It drops September 14th.

Secret Project

I can’t tell you what I’m working on right now because it would be a major spoiler! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!


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