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Moonfall Cover

Falling in love is the sweetest revenge.

Certain that love and passion are fickle, Rhetta is content to settle for the sensible proposal of her mild-mannered boyfriend. Unfortunately, the rift between her fiancé and his estranged brother threatens their impending nuptials. When she agrees to reach out to her future brother-in-law, Rhetta has no idea he’ll be her worst nightmare. The passionate, irrational alpha wolf isn’t interested in healing old wounds with his brother. He’s intent on taking a bite out of Rhetta.

Rory has wanted revenge since his brother caused the crippling injury that led his own fiancée to reject him. What better way to get payback than by seducing the bossy, managing woman his brother is set to marry? He’s certain such a prim and proper prude will be easy to get in his bed. What he doesn’t count on is the forbidden kiss that assures him she’s the true mate to his soul. Now Rory needs to convince Rhetta to do something wild–and choose him over his brother.




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I’m hard at work on the first two books in my modern day Knights of Camelot! Up first, of course, is Arthur!

Loren Book Four

I’m plotting out the fourth Loren book as you read this. So, if you’re waiting to see if she chooses the Broody Billionaire or the Thunder God… you’re just gonna have to wait some more!


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