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He knew she was destined to take his life…and still he fell for her.

Since birth, Rogen’s been tasked with a cruel fate; guard the girl who’ll steal his heart, and then end his life. For eighteen years, he’s done his duty while keeping her in the dark. But time’s up and he can no longer keep the light of truth from Ellie.

Ellie’s used to being invisible and overlooked by everyone in her small town. On her eighteenth birthday, she’s sure her life is about to change. What she doesn’t expect are the visions of things she knows can’t be true -like the memories of kissing the town bad boy. She knows that Rogen’s hiding secrets about a past she can’t remember. But why is he frightened about a future together?

When Ellie learns what she is and what she must do, will she and Rogen be able to break free of fate and choose their own path? And if that path leads to love, can Rogen escape a dark destiny?

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testdriveHe was the wrong turn her perfect life needed.

Hop in and buckle up for the wildest ride of your life with the boys of the Watcher’s Crew! This steamy urban romance series is not your traditional romance. But it’s got all the elements you love; alpha heroes, feisty heroines, steamy sex, and happily-ever-afters. Only, these HEA’s are shared;-) Wanna know what all the fuss is about? Come on and take a Test Drive!

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RumpeledIn this new spin on an old fairytale, Guy Rumpel’s golden touch could put a wrinkle in Midori Miller’s designs.

Rumpeled is the second book in Ines Johnson’s bestselling Cindermama series. If you love contemporary romance with a touch of magic then this series is for you. Buy Rumpeled: a Cindermama Story and bring this modern fairytale into your world today!

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The Watchers Crew Series

I know you’re waiting for Eagle to land. I’m hoping to have his book ready this Spring to warm you up! And guess what?!?! His brother, Prince, won’t be far behind;-)

Dragon Bone

I’m working on my first urban fantasy novel right now!!! I’m so excited about this book. Imagine River Song meets Lara Croft and you have an idea exactly what to expect from my heroine Nia Rivers. This book is aiming for your eReader in April 2017.

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