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Below please find a list of workshops and courses Ines is pleased to offer published and aspiring writers. Please contact her if your organization is interested in her teaching an online or ground course.

Adapting Your Novel for the Screen
In this practical workshop, veteran television writer and screenwriter instructor Ines Johnson will guide novelists through a series of steps to designed to take a manuscript from the written word to the visual world of the screen and teleplay. Using a number of books that have been adapted successfully, and some not so successfully, into movies and television series, Ines will show authors how to break their novels down to their story core of the word and logline, and translate their plot points into the beat sheet of the screen.

DIY Book Tours
Workshop Overview: Learn how to DIY your blog tour in six steps which include building a media kit, targeting the right bloggers for your book, tailoring your email to each blogger to break through their slush pile, how to keep records of which sites you’re visiting along with what and when to give them materials, promoting your tour on your social media sites, and following up to ensure you’ll be invited back. Using these techniques with each of my book releases, I was able to launch into the Amazon Top 100 during my release week.

Marketing 101
Workshop Overview: This workshop is for new authors putting out their first or second book who is struggling for visibility. Learn how two break through the cacophony to get onto Amazon Top Selling Lists in the first few months of your release.

Serializing: Using the Structure of Episodic Television to Craft Your Serialized Novel
Workshop Overview: Shows like Scandal and The Walking Dead pride themselves on the jaw dropping final few seconds of the show which have viewers eager to tune in the next week. Never hear another complaint about a cliffhanger ending again when you learn to plot your serialized novel like a season of a television show. Let veteran television writer, Ines Johnson teach you her twelve-point method to structure each episode of your serial. Then go further by planning the 6 to 12 episodes of the season of your story.

Creating a Book Trailer
Workshop Overview: Book trailers are visual depictions of a book’s storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. In this workshop veteran screenwriter turned romance novelist, Ines Johnson, will teach you the four simple steps of writing copy to persuade a potential reader to pick up your book. Then we’ll investigate software to turn that copy into a visual book trailer. And finally, we’ll share our trailers on streaming sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Scrivener Scene by Scene
This course will focus on the basic building blocks of every story; the scene. It’s a course that works bests for plotters, writers who outline their story, and plantsers, writers who have a mental hold on the scope of their story but perhaps not a detailed outline. Writers will learn how to set up each scene in Scrivener, what metadata they should consider to strengthen the structure of each and every one of their scenes, and tips to increase productivity using the software’s myriad of tools.