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The Dagger of Amun

Ines.Johnson.DaggerofAmun.eBookLoren’s final adventure is on it’s way!


I just need to revise it.

It’s taking me more time than normal. Partly because I don’t want to say goodbye. Partly because I’m a little bit exhausted.

I put out a ton of books last year and my brain has turned to the consistency of jello, which I haven’t had since I was a kid.

But I digress.

Loren (and Nia) are coming back for one last adventure. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see her again. She just won’t be the leading lady. But as you see, she’ll pop up in the Knights books. And I have a lot more stories to tell in this world.

Remember the Mohegan and the Balam shifters from “Serpent Mound”? Oh yeah, they’re coming back. And don’t be surprised if you see archers on the horizon. I’m going to Sherwood forest one day soon. But I think I’m gonna fly on a dragon kick later this year.

Anyway, all that to say that your girl Loren will be headed to a bookshelf near you… soonish 😉


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Crow has arrived!

New Watchers Crew title available NOW!

A starry-eyed virgin…

As an inspirational romance author, Mary Katherine’s life revolves around the idea of true love. She writes happily-ever-afters full of fidelity, hand-holding, and sweet first kisses. When her new publisher insists she write a steamy, erotic romance, she’s thrown for a loop. She has no real experience with love, romance, or sex. But if she doesn’t turn in a new manuscript full of hot scenes, she’ll be out of a job.

A fast-driving ladies man…

Street racer, Crow, has never taken anything seriously in his life, until sweet Mary Katherine asks him for help writing authentic sex scenes in her romance novel. Drawn to her since they first met, he’s more than happy to help the curvy author with her research. But the more they explore virgin territory, the more he comes to realize that there might be something to this little thing called love.

Can two individuals who love from different sides of the heart come together as one?

Get your copy of Dangerous Curves Ahead TODAY!

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Erotic Labor Day!


1) Ciara Bane (Gay Erotica) An Officer’s Surrender: An M/M Erotic Short ($0.99)

2) Lynda Belle (Scottish Historical Erotica) Highlander Bride Taken (Free) Seduction Of A Highlander ($0.99)

3) Ines Johnson (Interracial Erotica) Cruise Control ($0.99)

4) Jocelyn Dex (Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy Romance) Araya’s Addiction ($0.99) Gettin’ Lucky with a Leprechaun ($0.99)

5) Janet Lynn (Paranormal Erotica) Claimed by the Leprechaun: A Paranormal Monster Erotica ($0.99) Fur Part I: A Stepbrother Werewold Romance (FREE)

6) Nikki Solo (Alpha Male Voyeurism/Public Sex) Public Pleasures: Three Tales Of Women Getting Off In Public Places ($0.99)

7) Candy J. Starr (Billionaire Erotica) Snatched Part 1 ($0.99)

8) Veronica Cane (Mafia Erotic Romance) Suede ($0.99) Jordan’s Quest ($0.99)

9) Jacinta Laurenti (Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales) Red Riding Hood After Dark (FREE) Briar Rose’s Morning Blues (FREE)

10) Cordova Skye (Fantasy Erotica/Breeding) The Forest God’s Rite ($0.99)

11) Meg Xuemei X (Erotic Romance) The Empress of Mysth 1: Angel’s Lust ($0.99)

12) Reyna Talbot (First Time Lesbian MILF) Banging My Boyfriend’s Mom: A First Time Lesbian MILF Story ($0.99)

13) Katy Baker (Erotic Romance) At The Party (My Best Friend’s Father Bk 1) (FREE)

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A Feminist Witch and an Alpha Wolf walk into an ER…

Do you love fated mate stories? Have I got a deal for you. Buy my new paranormal shifter romance, Moonrise, and get a previously unreleased, paranormal shifter romance. See details below.

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Moonrise copy

Meet Lucia…

It’s love at first sight when Lucia rescues a charming wolf shifter from certain death. She’s sure he feels the same way and will tell her so—just as soon as he wakes up from his coma. To remain by his side at the emergency room, she pretends she’s his mate. But her resolve is tested when she gets a glimpse of her fake-mate’s brother.

And Jackson…

For months, Jackson has sensed that his fated mate was near. When he enters his unconscious brother’s hospital room, he instantly pounces on the beautiful, curvaceous woman he finds there, ready to mark her as his. Until he learns his brother got there first. Jackson’s skepticism about their mating grows the more he gets to know Lucia. She has nothing in common with his wayward brother, but she checks everyone of Jackson’s boxes.

As Jackson and Lucia fight their attraction, the rest of the family embraces Lucia as one of their own. But what will happen when his brother, her fake-mate, wakes up?

Moonrise is the first in a paranormal romance series full of alpha men and the strong, capable women that bend them to their knees. In this world you’ll find yourself caught in the moonglow  of instalove gone hilariously wrong, overbearing families who’ll warm your heart, and the sensuous heat that only happens between fated mates. If you like a touch of magic in your romance novels, then you’ll love the witches, fairies, and wolves in the dystopian world of the Moonkind.

AmazoniBooks  |  Nook  |  KoboARE  |  Google Play

So, what happens when a feminist witch and an alpha wolf walk into an ER? Find out the answer in this sneak peak at Moonrise.

Jackson tore through the hospital doors, startling the nurse behind the desk. “PPU,” he flashed his badge. “Pierce Alcede’s room.”

The woman scrambled and gave him the room number.

As Jackson stalked down the hall, he caught another whiff of that tantalizing scent from the train station. It nearly knocked him off his course, but his mind deftly shifted to his brother.

Inside the room his brother lay limp on the hospital bed. Pierce had grown smaller since the last time Jackson had seen him. Or perhaps it was because he lay prone and helpless in a bed. The sharp angles of his cheeks appeared gaunt. He needed a shave. The fuzz on his chin and cheeks were overgrowing as it tended to do with wolves in general, but the Alcede men in particular. It also looked as though it had been a while since Pierce had had his haircut. Pierce never groomed as much as Jackson, because unlike Jackson, Pierce rarely had to make himself presentable doing a job he didn’t find fulfilling. No, Pierce got to traipse around the world and get into fights with humans over protecting a witch.

Before Jackson’s irritation at his brother could take hold of him, Pierce pulled in a struggling breath and then settled once more. Jackson sighed and released his anger at his wounded baby brother.

He took a deep breath and the tantalizing scent from the train station reached his nose and diverted his attention. The scent was a light layer on his brother’s skin, beneath the antiseptic and other chemical smells the doctors used on him. What the hell was that?

It appeared to grow closer and denser in his nose as though it were enveloping him in a balloon; expanding wider, a wave growing larger. The door to the hospital room opened, and the wave crashed into him.

Standing just inside the door was the most beautiful woman Jackson had ever seen. She had a mane of thick hair. Her skin was a cross between raw honey and an almond, perhaps honeyed almonds because that’s exactly what she smelled like.

She had her back to him and he caught the shapely hourglass figure that could only belong to a wolf woman. Fairies were tall, thin waifs. Witches, what few he’d encountered in person, were strong and muscular. Human women ran the gamut, but none had the curves of a wolf.

And then she turned.

Her face was perfection. Heart-shaped with a full set of lips that parted as she saw him standing there. Her dark eyes widened. She opened her mouth and said something, but the scent of her fogged Jackson’s brain and the single word didn’t translate.

Jackson’s canines watered. His claws pierced the tips of his fingers. The pain distracted him, and his wolf slipped its leash. He was on her before he could stop himself.

She gasped in surprise as he pinned her to the door. His body flush with hers, but not quite touching. Only a half an inch between his chest and hers. His legs boxed her in below. His arms caged her in. They were nose to nose. The taste of her breath on his tongue was nearly enough to make him raise up the thin dress she wore.

But he couldn’t do that. He didn’t even know her name.

“Tell me your name.” It wasn’t his voice. It came from within. It was the wolf’s deep growl.

The woman—no, not the woman—his woman. His woman flinched. She gasped in a breath, taking away a tendril of the scent. The loss felt like an ocean going down a drain.

From within, Jackson grabbed at his wolf. But the beast swatted his attempt away. It was in full control. The honey-brown tint of her skin was slowly changing to shades of silver.

“Please,” the word came out a grumbled plea. It was the best the wolf could do being this close to the woman he knew was his mate. Jackson’s upper lip grazed her nose as he said the word. She shivered in the cage of his arms. It took all of Jackson’s inner strength to hold the wolf back that half of an inch between his body and hers. “I want to know what to call you, besides mine.”

She tilted her head up at him. Her dark eyes widened even more. “Yours?”

Jackson’s lips curled up in a possessive smile. He knew he must look possessed. But she didn’t run. She didn’t flinch. She stared at him, caught in this trap.

She was a wolf. She knew she could reject him. She also knew it wouldn’t mean he wouldn’t let her go so easily. He would pursue her until she gave in or she accepted another’s suite. Even then, his feelings would never likely die. That was the way of male wolves.

But she didn’t run. She kept perfectly still.

Of course she knew if she ran, he would chase. He would track her and when he finally caught her, he would pin her down and lick, nip, and stroke her into submission.

By the Goddess, he wanted her to run. Jackson’s hand slipped to the door handle, prepared to turn it to give her a head start.

And then she spoke. “My name is Lucia.”

Buy Moonrise during it’s release week and with it you’ll get this previously unreleased, paranormal novel as well!

Captive Breed bookfunnelIn Captive Breed, a shifter soldier, sworn to protect his people, learns that his greatest enemy may also be his fated mate.

Wolf shifter Isaiah is one of an elite team of soldiers secretly working for the human government. He protects his people by seeking out and destroying the same deadly weapons that devastated their ancestral home. The enticing human doctor who tends to his injuries is forbidden—but his wolf doesn’t seem to care.

Dr. Norah Stone desperately seeks a cure for the fatal illness wracking her body. She believes the key lies in her research into the secret race of shifters. Pursuing the sexy shifter who keeps ending up in the clinic means putting her job—and her life—at risk, however, the attraction is undeniable. But a promotion leads her to a shocking discovery about the true nature of the organization she works for.

With shifters going missing and rumors of inhumane research spreading, dissent divides the shifters. Torn between defection and loyalty, Isaiah’s duty to his people is tested by his desire for Norah.

When the truth about the government’s research comes to light, their bond will be tested by betrayal. As humans and shifters prepare for battle, Norah and Isaiah find themselves on opposite sides of a war where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Buy Moonrise today and get Captive Breed!


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OMG New Release & Free Reads

In the summer my kids go off to Camp Grandma and


To Grandmother’s house they go! (It’s cold on the train.)

I get six glorious weeks of a clean house, quiet evenings, and minimal cooking. I usually go somewhere and treat myself to some proper relaxation. But it’s so damn hot that I don’t even want to walk down the street!


So, I’m staying inside and writing -a lot. I’m working on two, sometimes three manuscripts, every day. I’m trying to finish up the Watchers Crew series with Crow’s and Eagle’s stories. I’m polishing off the Moonkind series which you’ll hear more about in a couple of weeks! And I have to revise Beau the third Cindermama book which is due out this fall.

All that writing makes me hungry for some good reads. And OMG, do I have a list for you! A number of authors have gotten together to help readers beat the summer heat with a few good romances. Check it out!


I’ll be back in early August to announce the release of the first Moonkind book. In the meantime, check out the pretty cover of the first book in the series.

Moonrise copy

Expected Release Date: August 2nd, 2016

Sometimes love at first sight needs a second glance.

Moonrise is the first in a paranormal romance series full of alpha men and the strong, capable women that bend them to their knees. If you like a touch of magic in your romance novels, then you’ll love the witches, fairies, and wolves in the dystopian world of the moonkind.


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When Black Women Fall…

Happy New Year Everyone!

As you read this I’m sending the polished draft of “Rumpeled: a Cindermama Story” off to the editor. The cover reveal for that book is coming soon! And I’m hard at work on Book Three in the series! In the meantime have I got a deal for you! Read on…

WBWF promo link v3When Black Women Fall…
in Love

When Black Women Fall is a week long promotional tour of romance novels featuring African American heroines in the contemporary, historical, paranormal, new adult, and erotica genres.

Romance novels are increasingly featuring heroes and heroines of color, from Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series to Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. As society and its citizens increase in diversity so does the market. With more and more authors bypassing publishers and uploading these colorful romances on their own, starved readers now have a buffet of books to choose from. Continue reading


Color of Love Blog Hop

CoLHop2015_bannerDo you love romance in all its shades? Then get ready for the Color of Love Blog Hop. Fifty authors are participating in a week of book sharing and giveaways. Find yourself a new book boyfriend and win a prize or two by visiting these other sites.

In honor of the Color of Love Blog Hop, I’m giving away a copy of “Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story” to a one person who makes a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the site on December 7th, so be sure to check back in! Continue reading