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The Sutra Chapter Two

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Sutra” is a three chapter vignette staring your favorite monk, Jian.

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The Sutra The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Sutra

Chapter Two

Khial had come many times in his life. Of course it never got old. But he had to admit there were categories of coming.

There was the quick get off.

There was the all night to get there.

There was the I don’t think its going to happen surprise.

Each of those events had involved a hand, a mouth, a warm sheath wrapped around his dick. He’d never come from anal stimulation. The aftershocks continued to wrack his body long moments after he’d come down from the height of the orgasm.

When Khial opened his eyes again, Jian watched him, a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Are you ready to listen?” Jian asked.

Khial frowned. What more did he need to listen to? He’d had one of the best orgasm of his life. He was trying to muster the strength and coordination to return the favor to Jian.
Khial shifted. Then he noticed that Jian’s fingers remained inside of him. His brow raised.

“We’re not down yet.” Jian rose. He went into the bathroom.

Khial heard the water run. He lay back on the bed, his brain trying to clear the fog and focus. Khial hadn’t been interested in hearing Jian’s religious nonsense about spirituality and energy and colors. He just wanted to fuck his husband.

Khial had been trying to figure out how to get the male alone for days now. But the lure of their wife and her sweet heat kept distracting him. When Jian got him alone, the last thing Khial was thinking about was meditating. The last thing he wanted to do with his mouth was “om.” But if there was more of what he just experienced in store, Khial was ready to shut his mouth, to open it wide, or to shout om from the top of his lungs.

He sat up on the bed. His cock was still hard.

Khial stared down at his dick as though it were a foreign appendage. It usually took him some time after coming to get hard again. His cock was swelled as though he hadn’t came the first time. Precum still dotted the tip. But when he looked down at his stomach, there was no ejaculate.

How was that possible? He had just come. He was there.

He peered down at his legs. Dry.

The bed sheets. Dry.

The faucet in the bathroom turned off. Jian wasn’t rinsing Khial’s seed off his hands. He’d never once touched his dick. How could he come without…coming?

Jian entered the bedroom once more. A smile on his face telling Khial that the monk knew the trajectory of his thoughts.

“The sutra of Eros teaches us that there are places in the body, that when accessed, take us to heightened places of pleasure. Places we can go and stay for long amounts of time without coming down.”

Jian took of his robe. The candle teased light off his naked form. He sat on his bed.

Khial’s eyes went straight to the other man’s dick. It too was hard. Khial’s instinct was to reach for it and stroke it until Jian cried out in ecstasy. Instead, Khial focused on Jian’s face and the words coming out of his mouth.

Jian bowed his head and began praying.

He’d always thought that sex was sex, but he was learning that sex was an event with Jian. Jian always said a silent prayer before he touched their wife. Khial would watch Chanyn come over and over again in a short time span under Jian’s hands. Khial had never thought it possible for a man. He’d always go until he came, rest, and then go again. But it had barely been five minutes and Jian was preparing to touch him again.

When Jian finished his prayer, he opened his eyes. “Lie back.”

Khial lowered the top half of his body down onto the bed. Jian sat crossed legged in a lotus position. He reached out and grabbed under both of Khial’s legs, pulling Khial’s torso into his lap. Khial’s penis bounced up to his belly and then down. Khial gasped, aching once more. Needing to feel Jian’s hands, mouth, ass on him.

Jian smiled a smile that told Khial that wouldn’t be happening for some time.

Khial wanted to roll his eyes. But he didn’t. His first orgasm tonight with Jian had taken him to place he’d never been. Khial wanted to know where they’d go next.

Jian reached for some oil. He placed a generous amount into his palms and then began rubbing Khial’s body with it.

The smell was intriguing. It smelled warm and spicy. It warmed Khial.

“Close your eyes,” Jian said. “And breath.”

Khial did as instructed.

“You trust me, Khi. Let me take over. Let go.”

Khial unclenched his fists. He hadn’t realized they were balled until his first breath.

“See the path of my hands in your mind.”

Jian massaged Khial’s shoulder blades, his neck. His hands roamed over Khial’s pecks. There was no sense of urgency to Jian’s movements. Khial’s dick still throbbed with need, but with each breath he felt as though he were inhaling patience.

“Each area I touch is one of your energy centers. By applying the right amount of pressure, I can awaken the center.”

Jian’s hands came down to his abs. Khial’s dick jumped in anticipation.

“Deep breath,” Jian said. “Stay with my hands. Stay in the present moment. Don’t let your mind wander where you wish I would go.”

Jian’s thumbs pressed into the divot at Khial’s hips, making slow circles until Khial’s breathing slowed and his hips stilled.

“Trust me, Khi. Go with me. Stay with me.”

With one deep breath, Khial’s body relaxed once more. His dick, still hard, still standing at attention, throbbed patiently. Khial’s attention focused back on Jian’s capable fingers. In his mind, he saw them glide down his thigh. They stopped at his knee caps where they spent time massaging. They went down to his feet.

“The Eros Sutra teaches that when we clear any blocked energy in the cavity, we will achieve an even higher height upon climax.”

Khial felt his entire body relax listening to the sound of Jian’s voice. His instinct was to stretch out like a cat and luxuriate. But he didn’t want to disturb Jian or make it seem as though he wasn’t paying attention. He took another deep breath and sighed.

The sound nearly startled him. He didn’t sound like himself. There was contentment in that sigh.

Jian reached under Khial’s knees once more. Khial acquiesced giving Jian full access to his body. Jian lifted Khial’s hips and scouted the lower half of Khial’s body directly into his lap. Now Khial’s ass rested over Jian’s dick. The monk’s dick was even harder than Khial’s.

Jian arranged Khial’s legs around him. Khial waited for Jian to reach for his neck or his head, ready to give him full access once more. His entire body shuddered when Jian placed his hands on Khial’s dick.


Khial let out a shuddery breath. The inhale was just as shuddery.

“Open your eyes.”

Khial did. His eyes went immediately to the monk’s hands on his dick.

“Eyes up here, Khi.”

Khial tore his eyes away from the hands on his dick.

“Breath with me.” Jian inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

Khial matched him breath for breath. And then Jian began to move his hands. He moved his palms in time to their breathing. Khial was certain he was going to come instantly, but he didn’t. He felt the pressure in his balls. He felt he would explode any minute. But he didn’t. He stayed in a state of fullness for long minutes as he breathed in time with Jian.

Jian’s fingers traced intricate patterns around Khial’s shaft. Khial never broke the sync of their breathing, but his eyes did roll into the back of his head once or twice.

He noticed his breath getting quicker, but he was still in sync with Jian. Jian was breathing faster, shallower. But somehow the monk’s face was in total control. He led Khial to breathe faster and faster. Khial’s dick pulsed in time to his breaths, as though someone were pushing against a door, a door that desperately wanted to open.

They were panting so fast now, Khial just knew he was going to pass out at any second. Instead, his fingers dug into Jian’s thighs. His feet locked around Jian’s back, his heels dug into Jian’s ass.

“Come for me, Khi.”

And Khial did.

He came.


The orgasm pulled moisture from every crevice of his body. His ears popped and then rang as though he surfaced from deep waters. His mouth watered. His eyes teared. His body jerked and jerked for an endless amount of time.

It almost became painful when there was no more fluid to pull from. Finally his body collapsed back onto the mattress, spent.

Khial felt movement at the other end of the bed. He opened one eye to see Jian rise to his knees and position himself between Khial’s thighs as though to mount him.

“Jian…I don’t think I can…again.”

Jian quirked an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips. “Trust me?”

Khial’s dick might be spent, but his body still craved this man. Khial nodded.

Jian pulled a pillow from the top of the bed. He motioned his hand for Khial to raise his hips. “Go with me?”

Khial lifted his hips and Jian slipped the pillow under his ass, elevating his hips.

Jian placed his hands on the inside of Khial’s thighs, his dick arrowed at Khial’s entrance. “Stay with me?”

Khial scouted closer to Jian and relaxed his legs.

Jian oiled his dick and entered him slowly. Khial closed his eyes in ecstasy.

“No,” said Jian. “Stay with me.”

Khial opened his eyes. They locked on Jian. The two men began breathing together once more as Jian began to stroke inside Khial.

Jian pumped strongly into Khial, leaning down close. Khial’s mouth watered as Jian came within kissing distance. Jian kept staring at Khial’s mouth as well, but he didn’t lean closer. He kept their breaths steady.

Just as Khial got used to Jian’s rhythm, Jian pulled back. His thrusts came slower. His hips rotating here and then there. He raised first one of Khial’s legs and then the other. When he raised Khial’s second leg, his right leg, over his shoulder Khial gasped.

“Found you,” Jian grinned.

Jian secured Khial’s leg firmly in place and picked up the pace and power of his thrusts. Warmth began to build in Khial’s belly once more, just like when Jian thrust his finger into him. What the hell had Jian found in him, and please Goddess, always let him remember this spot.

Jian thrust. Khial’s soft dick grew erect once more. He felt his orgasm building. For a second he was disappointed. He didn’t want this to be over. He knew that his orgasm would bring an end to their time together. And so Khial grit his teeth and tried to hold it longer.

“Khi,” Jian grinned. “Let go. Trust me.”

And so Khial let go. And he came, hard, deep.

When Khial opened his eyes, he saw Jian staring down at him. Khial smiled, a lazy smile. Jian winked. He let go of Khial’s leg and rolled him to the side. Khial thought they were ready to go to sleep until he felt Jian still inside him. He’d felt so full from that third orgasm, but Khial looked down and realized he hadn’t ejaculated this time either.

What the hell was Jian doing to him?

Khial ceased to care as Jian brought Khial’s knee into his chest and thrust once more. This time, hitting the same spot in a new angle. Khial grabbed the hand Jian had on his knee and held on for dear life. This orgasm built quicker this time.

Jian spread gentle kisses on Khial’s back, between his shoulder blades, and across his neck, as he began to tremble, shake, and then burst wide open.

When Khial came to this time, Jian maneuvered him onto his belly. He urged Khial up onto his hands and knees. Jian’s thrusts became frantic, less smooth. He must be close, Khial thought through the haze of pleasure.

Khial arched into the male, wanting to give as much as he’d received.

Jian came with a mighty roar.

The two males collapsed down onto the mattress, limbs still entwined.

Khial heard his own breathing. He felt his eyelashes on his face. Everything in the world seemed so big and interconnected in this moment.

Khial chuckled. “So, this is enlightenment?”

Jian placed a light kiss at his ear. “Exactly.”

“Shit,” Khial sighed and succumbed to sleep.

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