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The Sutra Chapter Three

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Sutra” is a three chapter vignette staring your favorite monk, Jian.

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The Sutra The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Sutra

Chapter Three

Chanyn waved goodbye as Merlyn pulled away from the driveway. She watched the tail lights fade into the darkness.

After only a few months, the two cousins were building a budding connection. They’d established these weekly dinners -girl’s night out. Chanyn had read about them many times in her romance novels. She’d spent most of her nights with her mother in the Wasted Lands, but Chanyn would never categorize a single one as a girl’s night.

For the first part, her mother never wanted to discuss men, other than to list their failings. For another thing, there was never anything to gossip about. Their discussions were more on the lines of lectures. And lastly, the two women never confided anything to the other.

Merlyn was a step up from her mother. Her discussion of men tended toward their sex organs. But Merlyn was more interested in men’s seed rather than how their penises worked. Merlyn was still untouched.

The only gossip that Merlyn knew tended toward the factual side. But on the occasional times that her sister Alyss joined them, they did talk about more social aspects of the city.

And finally, Chanyn did suspect Merlyn had a secret or two. She often asked questions about Jian’s time in the temple, more specifically questions about his brothers in the temple.

Chanyn didn’t have many answers to her questions and Merlyn never went too far in her inquiry. But still the two women were making progress.

Chanyn reached for the door to her home, but it opened before she touched the brass handle.

“I trust your evening was pleasant, my lady.” Rianald shut the door behind Chanyn, taking her wrap before Chanyn could reach up to untie it.

“I had a lovely evening. Thank you, Rianald.” Chanyn peered past him toward the dining room.

“Lord Khial and Brother Jian have already retired for the night.”

Chanyn looked to the stairs. All through the dinner with her cousin she anticipated arriving home back to her husbands. They had each been particularly amorous this week. Chanyn was a bit tired. Being pregnant seemed a workout in and of itself. But she would never pass up the opportunity to lay with her mates.

She made her way up the stairs to the room they shared. She saw Khial’s violin sitting outside the door. She picked it up remembering the lovely melody Khial wrote the baby two days ago.

Chanyn opened the door to find it empty. The bed was made, untouched. The light was out.

Chanyn spun around the room. Rianald said they’d retired. But then where were they?

She set the violin down and walked back out the room. She headed down to the end of the hall. A week ago, when both she  and Jian had begun working outside of the home and getting in late, Khial had resorted to sleeping in his old bedroom. Perhaps he’d retired there once more and Jian followed him.

When she got to the door, she hesitated, wondering if she should knock. But why should she knock? Did she fear she would walk in on something? They were all bonded. Both males took eagerly of her body. There was no reason they should not enjoy one another.

Chanyn opened the door. A sweet smell wafted to her nose. She turned on the light. She saw snuffed candles, with the wax solidified down the sides. This was clearly Jian’s doing. He’d burned such candles before, shortly after they were all bonded. He said it was to increase sexual desire and pleasure. But if Jian had set this stage, where had the two males ended up?

Chanyn left the room and began back down the hall. A flicker of light from under a door caught her eye. She reached out for the door handle and turned.

The same sweet-smelling candles dotted this room, the stems burned down by a third. And in the bed, lay her husbands. Khial lay on his side, Jian was wrapped around his back.

Chanyn stood in the doorway and stared. Jian looked peaceful as always, but it was the look on Khial’s face that struck her. She’d never seen him look so unguarded before.

She closed the door softly and padded over to the bed.

Khial’s eyes opened, instantly alert. He tracked her motions. When she came to the edge of the bed, she saw that he was smiling up at her.

“How was your dinner?” he asked, his voice hushed.

Chanyn sat down beside him. “Merlyn’s working on this new experiment that has to do with breeding rodents.”

“Hmm, I didn’t know they needed the help.” Khial smiled. His eyes briefly closed.

Chanyn itched to reach out her hand and touch his face. And then she did.

His eyes opened once more. “By the Goddess, you’re beautiful.”

Chanyn gasped. Khial had never complimented her like that before.

“I’ve heard all the talk of pregnant women having a glow,” he continued. “I never believed it until now.”
He reached out his hand and glanced it over her face, tracing her eyelids, her cheeks, her chin.

“I don’t know where I’d be,” he said, “what would have become of me if it hadn’t been for you,” he said. His voice held an awed whisper. “You probably saved my life. And then the two of you made me want to live it.”

Chanyn looked over Khial’s shoulder to see Jian watching the two of them. She leaned down and kissed Khial lightly on the lips. Khial deepened the kiss, locking his palm behind Chanyn’s neck.

What Chanyn felt for Jian was something deep inside her heart. As Khial’s tongue delved deeper and deeper into her, she realized there was room in that space for him too.

Chanyn reached behind her head and unclasped his fingers. She placed a kiss at his chin. Then under it. She licked her tongue over his clavicle and then lower, taking in his nipple. Chanyn continued her southward journey, glancing up once she got to his navel.

Khial’s eyes were wide when they realized where her destination would end, what she was asking permission to do. He swallowed.

Chanyn pulled the blanket from his lower half, exposing both males’ naked bodies. She wondered what she would have saw if she’d come home an hour ago. With both of them uncovered, Chanyn saw that both of their penises were soft. She frowned disappointed.

Jian’s tanned fingers snaked around Khial’s hip. He lifted Khial’s thigh over his own legs. “Rub here with your fingers.”

Jian lifted Khial’s penis and testicles, indicating a patch of skin between there and his anus.

Chanyn scooted down the bed and reached out her hand.

“Wet your fingers first, my love.”

Chanyn did as Jian instructed. Both males groaned as she placed her second and third fingers in her mouth. They came away glistening. She placed them on the spot Jian indicated. Khial’s head immediately fell back with a whimper.

As Chanyn rubbed, she watched Khial’s penis jerk. The movements were tiny at first, like a budding flower breaking free from its seed and stretching toward the sun. She watched fascinated as Khial’s penis slowly hardened under her fingers.

When he was standing tall and erect, she looked back up to the top of the bed, proud of her achievement. Both males’ eyes were on her hand. They looked as though they were each salivating.

“Grab the length of his cock.” Jian’s voice was breathy as he instructed her.

Chanyn did as he said. Khial’s hips instantly thrust upward. Jian held Khial’s thighs to restrict his movements.

“Now, lick his testicles.”

Chanyn’s eyes widened at this new instruction. She’d assumed she would lick and suck his penis.

“Trust me.”

Of course she trusted Jian. Chanyn bent her head down. She heard Khial’s deep inhale. She reached her tongue out and gave a tentative lick. The skin of Khial’s testical wasn’t smooth like when she’d had Jian’s penis in her mouth. The skin was wrinkled and ripply. But she found the texture interesting. She gave another lick.

Khial exhaled sharply.

“See what he likes best,” advised Jian. “Light flicks of your tongue. Long licks. Or when you suck one of his testicles whole into your mouth.”

Khial’s groan sounded as though he was in agony, though Chanyn had yet to begin. She remembered the first time they were all together. Jian instructed Khial how to make her beg for mercy. Now Chanyn intended to return the favor.

She went to work.

After a moment, she noticed Jian’s hand once more. He rubbed his own penis. When his hand came away, his penis was slick and glossy. Then Jian’s hands disappeared into the cleft of Khial’s ass.

Chanyn watched as Jian’s penis disappeared into Khial’s ass. Khial groaned and bucked.

“Take him in your mouth, Chanyn.”

It took Chanyn a moment to comply. She was so mesmerized by the sight of Jian’s penis disappearing and then reappearing inside of Khial.

Chanyn arranged herself so that she could continue to watch Jian as she took Khial into her mouth.

“Breath with me, Khi.”

Khial’s pants and groans became a chant.

Chanyn flicked her tongue over the head of Khial’s penis. Her tongue came away tasting the spice of his precum. Her tongue licked it all away. And then she inched downward as far as she could go.

Jian’s thrusts sent Khial into her mouth.

Khial’s fingers came around her neck. They glanced down her face, but when they met her hair she felt them fist her strands. He didn’t tug, not hard. But his touch was urgent.

Chanyn matched Jian’s strokes, her fingers playing with Khial’s testicles.

“Oh, Goddess,” panted Khial. “I’m going to come.”

His fingers urged Chanyn away, but Chanyn held her ground. Khial roared and his hips jerked once, twice, and then a third and final time.

Chanyn had been prepared for an explosion inside her mouth. But only a small dollop of Khial’s ejaculate rested on her tongue. Chanyn reached out to her tastebuds. The substance had a sweet tang to it. She swallowed and heard two groans.

She looked up to find Khial and Jian watching her. She smiled as she crawled back up to the top of the bed. Khial was nearly dozing, his eyes at half mast. He ran a hand down Jian’s cheek, an actual smile on his face. Then Khial turned to Chanyn. He opened his mouth to speak, but words escaped him.

Chanyn leaned down and placed a lingering kiss between his brows. When she pulled away Khial dozed peacefully.

She lay down beside him and looked over at Jian. Jian stood and came over to Chanyn’s side of the bed. Chanyn slid into Khial’s body to make room for Jian.

“How is my love?”

Chanyn never tired of hearing the endearment. She’d read that men called women babe, baby, darling, sweetheart in the past century. They all paled in comparison to the word love, a noun, verb, an exclamation and a declaration all in one.

“I don’t think I had as much fun as you two did tonight.”

Jian glanced behind her at Khial, a smile played at his lips. “I want him to know there is love for him in this bond.”

“More than anyone, Khial deserves all the love in this world.”

“And what of you, my love?” Jian ran a hand down her body. “Do you need any love tonight.”

Chanyn reached up to Jian’s face. “I feel loved every night.” She brought his face down to hers.

When their lips met, it was like fire. An eternal flame that was constantly refueled.

Jian’s hands sought her heat.

Chanyn’s body began to undulate under his touch, feeling a need she hadn’t realized.

“I’m afraid parts of me are spent this evening.” Jian removed her underwear with one hand. “Luckily, I have a skilled hand.”

He rubbed her clitoris while kissing her lips. He entered her with one, then two fingers. His fingers crooked in a come hither motion. Almost instantly, Chanyn came apart. Beside them, Khial dozed peacefully.

When Chanyn’s breath returned to normal, she placed a gentle kiss on Jian’s temple. His lids were heavy. Soon his eyes were closed and he too dozed peacefully. Instinctually, Khial turned over and threw an arm over Chanyn. Jian rested his chin on top of her head.

Chanyn lay between her two husbands, certain she couldn’t feel more content. And then she felt it. The tiniest flutter in her belly. Her heart swelled two times bigger, but she didn’t wake the males. She placed a hand on her belly where she’d felt the kick and waited patiently until she felt it again.

When the baby settled down, Chanyn did too, snuggled between the warm love of her family.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak of “The Loyal Steed,” the second Pleasure Hound book, which is Merlyn’s story.

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