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The Sutra Chapter One

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Sutra” is a three chapter vignette staring your favorite monk, Jian.

The Sutra The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Sutra

Chapter One

Jian watched the flicker of the flame. The candle flame danced around on the wick. Waving its body in happy delight, glowing red at its center and orange at the tips.

Orange was the color of the sex organs.

Red was the color of the base of the spine, what grounded the physical body to the earth.

Jian doused the flame.

He looked up at the dim light, his fingers resting on the dimmer switch. He wanted control over the mood. He didn’t want a flicker burning bright or going out at the wrong moment. Getting to frenzy in one color or the other. He needed balance.

He lowered the light. But too low and it was dark.

In the end, Jian set the dimmer switch half way and relit the candle. There he found balance.

Jian turned and surveyed the rest of the room. He’d laid out a blue sheet hoping the cool colors would open communication.

He’d brought in some plants, hoping the green would unlock the heart chakra.

Everything was in place. He just needed to await the man who he’d gone through so much trouble for.
Jian went to the bedroom door and cracked it open.

Khial should be getting home from his time at the shelter where he taught music to the young discards of the city. Khial had taken the job only a few days ago. Now all three of them had work to do in the day. Jian spent his mornings at the temple teaching new recruits. Chanyn spent her mornings in the garden and then at the hall of records working with paper documents in the library. And now Khial volunteered his time at the shelter.

They’d each pledged to get home by dinner, and so far they had all kept their word. Only tonight Chanyn was having dinner with her cousin Merlyn, leaving Jian and Khial alone for the first time since their union.

They’d slept in a cocoon around their wife each night this week. Jian’s love and desire for Chanyn grew exponentially each day. But Jian and Khial had had a tryst earlier in the week and Jian was eager to couple with his husband again.

Much of Jian’s instruction as a teacher at the temple centered on the females in the bond. But this morning, Jian had began a series of lectures on male pleasure intended for the male bondmates.
During his lecture his mind kept straying to his husband’s brown skin; Khial’s strong thrusts deep inside him. Jian had not yet kissed his husband and he yearned to. He wanted to show Khial how to share energies and have prolonged sex where orgasm wasn’t the key, but a deeper connection was the goal. That deeper connection led to intense orgasms, the kind that made you see the Goddess.

Jian heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairway. His heart sped up in anticipation. He exited Khial’s bedroom and went to the banister.

Khial looked weary from the day. He had his violin case in hand. He trudged up the step one at a time. Jian watched his bondmate’s easy gate, but frowned at the slump in his shoulders. He would soon fix that.

“Hey,” Jian called.

Khial glanced up, halfway up the stairs. His eyes caught Jian’s, a small smile played on his lips. Khial never smiled outright. He would relax his scowl when he held Chanyn in his arms, or when he rested his head against her breasts. But the moment they parted, his features would return to what Jian and Chanyn called the Khial Scowl.

Looking at Jian now, Khial’s features relaxed. A spark lit behind his eyes. His shoulders straightened. Jian saw the grip on the violin case tighten.

Khial’s lips parted. “Hey,” he said. His foot paused on the step.

Jian waited in place.

For the past week, the three of them had shared a bed once more. Sharing their wife between them. Jian often caught Khial’s eyes lingering on his cock or his ass or his lips. But Khial never made a move on him.

Jian often reached a hand over to Khial during their lovemaking with Chanyn. Jian would run a hand down Khial’s spine and watch him shudder. He’d grasp his ass a time or two when Chanyn lay between them, Khial inside her, Jian stroking her breasts. Khial never jerked from Jian. Instead Jian would watch the other male soar under his touch. Their eyes locking. The desire clear. Though he never shied away, it was as though Khial didn’t know how to reach out to him. Tonight would be different.

“You’re home early,” Khial said taking another step up.

“Yes,” Jian nodded. “Chanyn’s not here. She’s having dinner with Merlyn.”

Khial’s eyes dipped from Jian’s mouth to his hips. He took another step.

“She won’t be home until late,” Jian said.

Khial climbed the remaining stairs. He hesitated at the top stair. Jian watched him swallow.
Jian watched his movements like a vet watching a wounded animal. His hands itched to reach out to Khial, but Jian kept them at his sides. “You look like you’ve had a long day.”

Khial sat his violin down against the wall. Then he rose. “Yes. The boys are starting to warm up to me.”

“That’s great, Khi.”

Khial nodded, leaning against the wall. His eyes connected with Jian’s. “Did you…did you want a shower?”

Jian smiled. “No,” he shook his head.

Khial’s face fell. He looked away.

“I had something else in mind,” Jian said.

Khial looked back to Jian. Jian reached out his hand. Khial closed the distance and took Jian’s hand.
Khial turned and headed for the room they shared with Chanyn. Jian gave him a tug.

“No, over here.” Jian tugged Khial toward his bedroom down at the end of the hall.

They went a few steps before Khial froze.

When they got outside the door, Khial stopped moving. “What have you done?”

The tone in Khial’s voice gave Jian pause.

He checked the candles. They weren’t dripping. Perhaps Khial was allergic to the smell of the incense he burned. But Jian had burned frankincense and myrrh in the house many times before.

“I thought we’d take this to your room,” Jian said.

“This is not my room.”

“I don’t underst-“

And then he did. Jian closed his eyes with a grimmace. How could he be so thick headed. This wasn’t just Khial’s room. It was the room he shared with Lord Dain.

“I’m sorry Khial.” Jian hastened to the incense to snuff them out. “I didn’t think. I wanted to do something, just for you. But this was thoughtless.”

“You didn’t know. I never would think you’d done something to hurt me. I want to be with you. Just not in here. It feels wrong. It would feel like I’m dishonoring him. That might sound crazy-“

“No. You’re love for him was strong. It will last for all time. I would never do anything to dishonor him.”

Khial picked up one of the candles and went to the door. “My original bedroom was one door down.”

Jian grabbed the bed sheet and incense and followed Khial.

Once inside his old room, Khial sat the candle down on dresser. Jian sat another candle down on the night stand. Then he spread out the blanket and let it drape over the bed. Before he turned Khial was on him.

His lips eager, his erection poking him.

“Wait, wait,” Jian chided. “Slow down.”

Khial pulled away panting, confusion crossed with desire in his eyes. “I’ve been wanting you for a week.”

“I want you too, but this is not going to be a fast roll in the hay.” Jian reached for Khial’s shirt. “You are not to touch me.” Jian pulled Khial’s shirt off and started on his pants.

“I thought you wanted to have sex?”

“Tonight is about exploring your heights.” Jian smiled as he loosened Khial’s pants. The garment would’ve fallen free if Khial’s erection hadn’t tented the front. “I want more than sex with you Khi. You’ll come harder than you ever have before once I’m done with you. But I won’t be done with you for some time yet. Sit on the bed.”

Khial did as he was told.

Jian ran his hands over Khial’s body, his fingers glancing lightly. Khial arched into his touch, but the more Khial arched the lighter Jian went with his touch. His aim to was to get Khial to relax and trust. To get Khial to relinquish control to him.

“Jian, I know you believe in all this spiritual shi- stuff, but I really just want to fuck.”

Jian smiled, patience settling into his bones. “Turn over.”

Khial sighed like a petulant child, but he turned over. Jian took a moment to admire Khial’s beautiful ass, hard brown globes and muscular thighs.

“Have you ever been penetrated?”

“Well, yeah. You’re welcome to penetrate me. But I’d rather get going than praying.”

“Breath, Khi.”

Khial sighed again, exaggerated. But after a moment, he gave himself over to Jian’s touch. Jian focused all his attention on Khial’s ass. He rubbed his ass hole, in circles, in time with their breaths.

Jian grabbed lube. He inserted a finger. His finger searched until it found a clump of skin just inside Khial’s ass. Men, like women, had a eros spot that allowed for deep, repeated orgasms. Jian knew when he’d found Khial’s when the male gasped and tensed.

Jian waited for Khial to relax again. “I’m going to let you come now,” he said, “so that I have your full attention for what I want to do with you.”

Jian flipped Khial over so that he was on his back once more. Jian moved his finger fast, like a vibration.
Khial stopped all protests. When his mouth opened next it was in low groans.

“Do you feel me inside of you, Khial?”

“Yes,” Khial grunted.

“Focus on my finger. Think of nothing else. Feel me stroking you, feel this particular part of your anatomy that I’m stroking. Focus your entire being on it.”

Khial began to pant. Without so much as a graze against it, Khial’s cock stood straight to the ceiling. Precum dripped down the sides.

Jian stroked faster, harder. Khial’s panting went faster, deeper.

“Narrow your entire existence to this small patch of nerves under my care.”

Khial reached for his cock. With his free hand, Jian kept Khial’s hand from his penis.

“No,” Jian said simply.

Khial’s fingers clutched into the sheets, his heels dug into the mattress. His hips began to pump the air. Jian stroked faster, harder.

“You’re about to come, Khial. Can you feel it?”

Khial made a garbled noise somewhere between a growl and a cry.

“Watch its approach. Feel the blood rushing to that one spot in all of your being. Feel the muscles tense. The weight of it. It feels like its going to crush you, but you know it will set you free. You’re going to come Khial. Know that you are about to come.”

When Khial came he nearly jackknifed his upper body in half, his right knee just missing Jian’s chin. His immediate instincts were to grab his cock, but Jian caught his hands once more leaving his cock untouched as his ejaculated spurted in long streams over his belly.

When he was spent, Khial collapsed back onto the mattress, his cock still hard, Jian’s finger still inside him.

“Enlightening shit, huh Khi?” said Jian.

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