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The Shower Chapter Two

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Shower” is a four chapter vignette staring your favorite violinist, Khial.

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The Shower2The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Shower

Chapter Two

Chanyn’s favorite thing was having one of her husbands’ heads between her thighs. She’d had the pleasure nearly every night since their bonding. Either Jian would bow down and worship on his knees. Or Khial would go down on his belly in prostration to worship.

Over the last week, while Jian worked late at the temple, Chanyn had gone without the daily devotion. For the last four nights, Jian had come home after she was asleep. She’d awaken to find him naked behind her. By the time they’d both awakened, it was time to get up and begin their hectic day all over again.

And Khial? Khial would leave her at the bottom of the stairs after dinner.

Each night for the past week, she’d waited for him to touch her at dinner, to kiss her at the bottom of the stairs, to ask for entry into the room they’d shared since they’d bonded. But each night, his hands only placed more food on her plate. He didn’t follow her steps up the staircase. She felt his eyes on her back as she ascended. Something held him back.

She assumed it was Dain. Khial still grieved the loss of his longtime friend, first bondmate, and true love. Chanyn grieved Dain too. He’d been her first friend, her first love as well. And so she let Khial have his quiet moments alone, but after four nights without him laying beside her, Chanyn was feeling the loss.

Chanyn didn’t want to impose herself on Khial, but watching him tonight at dinner, she began to suspect that Khial wanted more than a quiet moment alone.

His manner was the same as it had been every other night. He still clenched his jaw, but now she believed Khial’s clenched jaw was from want of kissing her. His fingers trembled when he slide food on her plate, but now she trusted without knowing that his fingers trembled from wanting to touch her. His eyes narrowed as they focused on her responses, but she had faith that his eyes narrowed on her lips because he wanted to devour her.

Chanyn had read many books on religion and the element of faith. There was no faith needed in their society. The workings of the Goddess was quite clear. Still she knew that what she suspected Khial felt was based on her faith in him. She’d read in a book once that the reward of faith was to see what you believe.

For the past few nights Chanyn imagined Khial wanted to come to her but didn’t know how. That at any moment, his feet were set to leap up the stairs behind her and take her into his arms just like in her romance novels. Only he was uncertain of himself, uncertain of her wishes.

Tonight he’d spoken of empirical evidence. She wanted to clobber herself in the head. Khial needed evidence. He needed to know that he was wanted. She couldn’t believe she’d wasted so much time waiting for him to come calling, thinking he’d take the leap up the stairs when the way was unclear to him.

Dain would have taken that leap. Jian never allowed their to be a gulf between them. But Khial? He’d had a life of rejection. A life of not trusting the emotions and words of others. If it was evidence he needed, she’d give it to him. And so she invited him in and offered herself to him.
She hoped that was the end of his lack of faith in her desires for him. She’d missed the feel of Khial’s strong body on top of hers, inside of hers, behind hers holding her through the night. She wanted him to know that he never need be parted from her if it wasn’t his wish. It certainly wasn’t her wish for them to sleep separately.

Khial’s tongue laving at her sex was like a homecoming. He typically took his time, running his tongue, his lips, and sometimes his nose over every nook, every cranny, every crevice in the valley between her thighs.

Not tonight.

Tonight his velvet tongue encircled her pulsing bud. He flicked with the tip of his tongue at the same time as he puckered his lips in a vice around her clitoris and sucked.
Chanyn began to quake immediately. The vibrations radiating from her pelvis, up her belly to her breasts. A hum of sensation rushed in the opposite direction, down her thighs, pinging her knees, and curling her toes.

Khial sucked hard until she bucked, the radial wave reached the ends of her hair and the tips of her toenails. Then it arrowed back to her core.

Though her entire mind was tuned to epicenter of the quake, the orgasm still caught her by surprise. She’d been in a daze, observing, watching the waves of her body. The orgasm knocked her head back. It arched her back. It hit her so hard she saw stars.

Galaxies exploded behind her eyelids. Worlds died and were reborn in the space of moments while Chanyn cooled and reformed her spirit. The reward of her faith spread through her heart. She opened her eyes and met Khial’s gaze. His blue eyes locked on hers.

Khial was so open and vulnerable, allowing her to see inside of him. Chanyn wanted to reach for him and bring him to her chest and never let him go. He didn’t know how precious he was to her and she ached to find a way to let him now.

Before she could open her mouth, Khial disappeared between her legs once more. She felt his tongue on her still quivering core. Her head lolled to the side.

When she opened her eyes next her entire focus shifted. She saw Jian.

She saw Jian’s package.

Jian’s manhood stood proudly outlined behind the fabric of his pants.

Chanyn’s breathing steadied and her mouth watered.

She’d always known that her true love existed out there in the world. She believed it with every fiber of her being.

When she met Dain, she believed it was him. And she was right. Dain was the first person to love her. But that love remained in the realm of friendship, a deep friendship that she treasured still in his absence.

The love that she shared with Jian was her reward for all of her girlish faith and beliefs.
Chanyn looked into Jian’s eyes. Those deep, soulful eyes. Eyes that she knew saw directly into her own soul. Eyes that read her deepest desires, her sacred secrets. Eyes that narrowed as they realized where Chanyn’s mind now wondered.

Chanyn’s gaze tilted from Jian’s eyes, back down to his erection. She hadn’t tasted Jian since their first night together, though she’d thought of it often. Every night they all were together, the two males set the agenda barely allowing Chanyn to do more than swivel her hips and clutch at their backs or the bed sheets.

Not tonight.

While Khial gave her a breather, Chanyn reached for Jian. Her hand landed on the drawstring of his pants. Her eyes asked for permission.

Jian hesitated, but the desire in her eyes was reflected at her in his. In the end, he loosened the ties of his pants and let them fall. Chanyn’s hand wrapped around his strong throbbing cock. As though bidden, Jian stepped closer to her and knelt one knee on the bed.

He was soft, hot and throbbing in her hand. She traced a vein pulsating along his shaft. His breath turned to soft pants.

Chanyn reached out her tongue and gave him a lick. A low moan sounded, but it didn’t come from Jian. Chanyn cast her eyes down the bed.

Khial watched her, rapt. His head still between her thighs. His lips glistening with her juices. His mouth open. She saw his tongue poke out as though it mimicked her movements.

Her lips closed around the head of Jian’s cock head.

All three of them moaned.

Jian threw his head back, his hips arching into Chanyn. Khial’s head disappeared once more between her thighs.

Chanyn stroked Jian with her mouth while Khial’s tongue played along her labias. The lower half of her body undulated, causing her head to naturally bob up and down on Jian’s erection. She took Jian deeper and deeper into her throat.

Khial spread her thighs, stopping her undulations. He ground his tongue deeply into her sex. A layer formed between Khial’s tongue and her sex. A wet layer. She couldn’t tell if it was from Khial’s mouth or herself. Probably a mixture of both as he laved and she opened wider for him, releasing everything to him.

His tongue no longer flicked at her. It stroked up and down, she sensed him swallowing her down into his throat.

With the lower half of her body immobile under Khial’s hands, Chanyn rose the top half of her body up until she swallowed Jian whole. Jian pulsed on her tongue, against the insides of her cheeks. She breathed slower, trying to still her gag reflex.

Down below she felt Khial’s warm breath as he breathed her in. She knew both males loved the scent of her. She felt Khial’s nose on her sensitive, engorged clitoris. His nub rubbed hers. With his fingers, Khial spread her even wider. She felt him cock his head to the right and suck her right labia into his mouth, his tongue and lips working as though sucking the bones of his dinner.
Chanyn began swiveling her hips, arching into Khial’s mouth while sucking Jian’s cock. She felt another climax building, building. She moaned, her cheeks hollowing out.

“Aww.” Jian pulled away.

It startled both Chanyn and Khial.

“Teeth, my love.”

Chanyn had become so excited she’s grazed Jian with her teeth. She couldn’t see exactly where. His cock was flushed all over. Jian rubbed his length.

Khial chuckled.

Chanyn looked up at Jian with wide eyes that begged him to let her try again.

Jian looked to Khial whose forearms were still wrapped around Chanyn’s thighs. It was by Khial’s machinations that Chanyn had lost herself and nearly taken a bite out of Jian. Khial rose an eyebrow as though to tell Jian to take his chances because he wasn’t about to hold back. With a sloppy grin on his glistening mouth Khial returned to work.

Jian turned back to Chanyn. He kept his hand at the base of his cock and offered her the tip.
She kissed the tip. Then she traced circles around the tip of Jian’s cock. She felt his fingers as he pumped his base. She let her hands explore the heavy sacks below his cock.

Before long Jian closed his eyes and was trembling once more.

Not to be outdone, Khial inserted two fingers into Chanyn’s core, never ceasing the actions of his tongue on her labia and clitoris.

As though there had been no interruption, Chanyn’s climax built quicker. She relaxed her lips. Her tongue still laved at Jian as she moaned.

Jian’s movements told her that he was close as well.

Her cries became helpless one’s as she gave herself over to them both; Khial at her core and Jian in her mouths.

Allowing Jian to move his penis over her tongue and lips.

Allowing Khial to lift her hips off the bed into his mouth.

One of Chanyn’s hand dug into Khial’s scalp. The other hand dug into Jian’s ass. She was at the edge of a cliff. One more step and she would fly free, higher than she’d ever soared.

Chanyn didn’t hesitate. She took a step and leaped with abandoned.

She landed so softly. Khial had her hips in both of his hands. Jian griped her head with one hand and held her hand with the other.

Chanyn’s second orgasm nearly doubled her over. This time she did mind her teeth as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked Jian into her mouth. Her climax burst forth.

Jian pulled out of her mouth, his hands continued to pump.

Khial rose to his knees and watched the two of them. Chanyn saw the satisfied grin on his face as he watched his husband and wife climax together.

Jian leaned down and kissed her gently.

Chanyn felt spent. Her entire body heavy. Satisfied with her reward for the night, she allowed sleep to pull her under.

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