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The Shower Chapter One

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Shower” is a four chapter vignette staring your favorite violinist, Khial.

The Shower2The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Shower

Chapter One

“I think it would be perfect for you.”

Khial shrugged his shoulders. Not the best move as he shoveled more food onto Chanyn’s plate. A red potato took the opportunity to leap off the tines of his fork. It landed with a splat onto Chanyn’s empty plate where it rested for barely a second before she picked it up and plopped it into her mouth.

Khial watched Chanyn slide her fingers out of her plump lips. She closed her eyes and moaned, licking her thumb and forefinger in turn.

Khial slid the choice slice of meat and greens that hadn’t dared the leap onto her plate. He sat forward at the edge of his seat and tracked the movement of her tongue. Her lips made wave-like motions; the lower lip dipped to the left while the upper lip rose to the right. Her pink tongue broke the surface once more to lick at the corner of her mouth. Khial shifted in his seat.

Chanyn opened her eyes, then rolled them when she saw Khial place another slice of meat onto her plate. She picked up her fork, the bonding band on her left hand twinkled as she speared a vegetable. “Music is your passion, Khi. What an honor to be able to share it with others.”

“The last time I was at a shelter I used my hands to defend myself, not make music.”

Two months ago, Khial had abandoned his new wife and the unborn child whose diet currently occupied his thoughts. He wound up inside a shelter where he stuck out like a sore thumb. His fine clothes and highborn manner made him a target to the discarded boys and street thugs inside.

“Sister Seryah was quite taken with your skill.”

Chanyn had roped Khial into playing at the city’s Hall of Records a few days ago. In attendance was Lady Seryah of the Sisterhood’s Chamber of Arts and Culture. She approached Khial after his playing and told him about a new bill that recently passed in the Sisterhood. The bill aimed to provide arts education to the city’s discarded youths.

“And the boys at the shelter will love you,” Chanyn insisted.

Love? Khial snorted, sitting back in his chair. Khial was a poor judge of that phenomenon. When he studied Chanyn’s heart-shaped face, he saw certainty. Another phenomenon he’d never quite grasped. “How can you be so sure?”

Chanyn shrugged. “Because I have faith in you.”

Khial grimaced. He laid down the knife and fork with a clatter and crossed his arms over his chest. “Faith is a belief without any empirical evidence.”

“You sound like Merlyn.”

Khial was coming to like Chanyn’s cousin. Like Khial, Lady Merlyn grew up in a household where the scientific method reigned. There was no room or tolerance for things that could not be quantified. Merlyn had the methodical mind of Khial’s mother. But unlike his mother, there was warmth in Merlyn’s golden eyes. The same warm glow as he saw in Chanyn’s eyes.

“There’s no way to know if those boys will accept me,” Khial said.

Unlike Dain, his dearly departed soulmate and the father of Chanyn’s child, Khial was never the first in line to try new things. He preferred the road much traveled; crossing the sturdy bridge, rather than taking a leap into the unknown.

“Faith,” Chanyn said, “is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

“You sound like Jian.”

Chanyn smiled at that, her eyes going dreamy at the mention of their bondmate. Khial looked away.

Chanyn and Jian were in love. Khial may not be an expert on the matter, but he didn’t have to be with those two. Birds sang every time Chanyn and Jian looked at each other. Khial wasn’t exaggerating. The three of them had been out walking in the gardens one day. When Jian and Chanyn turned to each other, a chorus of birds cried their song.
Khial didn’t mind having a front row seat to Chanyn and Jian’s love affair. He was thankful to be included. He would be lost without them.

Khial looked to the clock on the wall. Jian was running late, again. He’d been late every night this week, arriving well after dinner was over and Chanyn had gone off to bed. Each night, for the past five nights, Khial had left Chanyn at the bottom of the staircase. He’d watch her go up, wishing he could follow behind and take a seat at the edge of her bed. But each night he’d faltered on the step.

“You have confidence in your abilities?” Chanyn said.

Khial turned back to her. “The strings I know. Without looking, my fingers know how far to jump and where to land in order to achieve each note. I don’t know that I could explain that sense of knowing to another person.”

Chanyn swallowed another bite of meat. “Well, I still think you’d be brilliant at it.” She smiled at him, her liquid gold eyes twinkling.

Khial wanted to reach out and touch her. To pull her close. To caress her face, her hair. To show her with his body how much he needed her. But he was never good with words. He was even worse when it came to reading people.

With Dain he never had to. Dain would simply walk up to Khial and embrace him, kiss him. Evidence of Dain’s feelings were always made clear to Khial.

The only way Khial knew to express his feelings was physical. But you couldn’t just grab a woman. There was seduction involved. Words that needed to be said. Khial had no patience for it. He needed Jian for that part.

Khial could read Chanyn’s body when it was unclothed. He knew when she needed more pressure or a lighter touch in order to reach her climax. Those pieces of evidences were crystal clear for Khial. Chanyn had never reached out to him while fully dressed. She’d never come up and put her arms around him or kissed him.

They’d all been sleeping together for the past month; Chanyn, Jian and Khial. But the honeymoon phase ended a week ago. A new, unfamiliar routine took its place. Chanyn spent her mornings in the garden, her afternoons at the city’s Hall of Records, volunteering her time in its parchment library. Jian began training new recruits at the Pleasure Hound’s temple. This past week Jian had been working late each night. Khial had been left alone and to his own devices all day.

When Dain was alive, the two of them had spent all of their time together, either in idleness or in sickness. When Dain was sick, Khial cared for him by his bedside. But now Khial had two healthy mates who were used to being active, which meant that at the end of the day, both were tired and headed to bed for sleep.

Khial watched as Chanyn passed another forkful into her mouth. He watched her mouth as it closed around the fork. His dick throbbed as he caught sight of her tongue reaching out to taste the tip of the morsel before her plump lips closed and the fork slid out.

Her eyes were on him as she chewed. Was that a wanton look? Or perhaps she was waiting for him to speak? How was he to know? Chanyn remained a mystery. One he desperately wanted to figure out. Khial wanted to return to his wife’s bed sooner rather than later.

“Have some more.” Khial reached to place another slice of meat on Chanyn’s plate.

She put out her hand. “Goddess, no, Khi. I’m stuffed.”

She closed her eyes and rested her hand on her belly. Her pregnancy was not yet visible. A few times, while she slept, Khial had run his hand over her flat stomach. The growing life inside of her wasn’t developed enough for him to feel it kick yet, but soon.

At the moment, Khial wanted to rub his hands over more than his wife’s belly. He wanted to rub them over her face, her breasts, her supple ass. He shifted in his seat again.
Khial just needed to wait for Jian to get home. Jian would know what to say, what to do, and then, once Jian said the words, Khial could sink into Chanyn’s warm depths. And when he finished he could wrap himself around her body instead of sleeping in the large empty bed he used to share with Dain.

Chanyn yawned. “I think I’m going to turn in.”

She stretched her arms over her head. The movement pushed her breasts together making Khial’s mouth water.

Chanyn rose causing Khial to jump to his feet. He wasn’t ready to part with her for the evening, but what could he do? She said she was tired. He’d never gone to her bedroom alone. The link between them was late for dinner.

“You’re not going to wait for Jian?”

Chanyn shook her head. “He said he’d be late.”

Khial’s balls went cold. They were likely a deep shade of blue by now. He searched for something to say, some words. How had he managed with Dain? He hadn’t. Dain had managed him.

Jian slept beside Chanyn every night. After he’d come home from the temple, he’d simply enter her bedroom and crawl into bed beside her. Khial knew because he waited up each night to listen to the monk’s footsteps down the hall. Khial ached to get up and go to them, but he just couldn’t. What if they turned him away? He couldn’t make his feet take that leap into the unknown.

“Will you walk me up?” Chanyn reached out her hand to Khial.

Khial’s hands went around hers like a vice. If he held her too hard, she didn’t mention it.

Slowly they ascended the stairs, step by step. Chanyn continued on about the teaching job, but Khial only grunted when appropriate. His focus was on her hand wrapped around his bicep and how he could keep it there past the threshold of her bedroom door. His mind was on her hip as it brushed against his on the last step. His thoughts were on the side of her breast which came into contact with his arm as they moved down the hall. Before he knew it they were at her bedroom door.

Now was the time. If only he could come up with some words.

Then he remembered. Chanyn loved romance novels. He just had to mimic a line from one of the hulking heroes from those pages.

Unfortunately, Khial had never actually read one to know what one of the men might say.

Chanyn reached out for the knob to her bedroom door. Khial stopped breathing, his hand tightened on her hers. With her free hand, Chanyn turned the knob without pause. Khial felt the blood in his erection weep out of him as she crossed the threshold.

Chanyn halted across the threshold. She glanced down at her hand, still trapped by his. She cocked her head, her smile amused.

With great reluctance, Khial let her go and prepared to turn down the hall to his empty bedroom. It looked as though it would be just him and his hand tonight. At least that vice-like grip would be put to use.

“Are you coming in?”

Khial leaped over the threshold and into the room before the sentence was out of her mouth.

Chanyn crossed to her vanity and took off her jewelry. She turned, facing him, and undid the ties to her dress. “Khi?”

Khial barely managed to tear his gaze away from her breasts.

“We’re bonded. You know that if you want to sleep with me, you need only ask.”

Well, that was clear.

Khial went to her then. He took her face in his hands. “Can I kiss you?”


His lips crashed down to hers. She whimpered.

Khial pulled away from her immediately, memories of their disastrous first time together sprang to his mind. “I’m sorry!”

But she was smiling. Her hands moved from his chest and wrapped around his neck. “I’m fine. I promise.”

He wanted to believe her. But trust was so hard for him.

“If I don’t like it,” she said, “I’ll say so.”

He took a tentative step towards her.

“You know me now, Khi.”

Did he? Her body, yes. For the month after they bonded, Khial had strived to learn every nuance of her body under Jian’s tutelage. Jian was an excellent teacher. Khial could play Chanyn’s body like a finely tuned instrument all the way to a perfectly pitched climax. Each time he’d surfaced from a performance, Jian stood by with a nod of approval, a sexy glint in his eyes.

The knowledge of Jian watching him always made Khial’s dick harder, as did the sight of Jian’s ass as he pumped into Chanyn. The view of Jian’s glossy lips, grinning up at him, after he’d feasted on her core. The feel of Jian’s hand on his back as he gave Khial guidance on how to bring Chanyn to higher places in her pleasure. And every time she flew higher so did Khial. When he came down from the high, he’d often catch Jian watching him with a look of pride, desire and patience in his eyes. It was a look that Khial was not ready to answer.

Seeking Chanyn’s feminine heat was one thing. Seeking another man’s attention, so soon after Dain’s death…

Khial lowered his head to Chanyn and kissed her with slow reverence. She whimpered again, but this sound was unmistakable. Khial heard it clearly. She wanted more.

Khial led her over to the bed.

He lowered her down.

“Can I kiss your breasts, my lady?”

Chanyn threw her hands over her head. He removed her bras, freeing her ample breasts. He took his time suckling on each one. Her breasts were his favorite part of her anatomy. It was the first way he’d learned to please her.

Khial traced the shape of her mounds with his tongue, loving the crease at the bottom and sides. His tongue climbed to the tips of her breasts. There he found her nipples already pebbled. Khial swallowed his disappointment. He loved suckling the buds when they were soft, feeling the textural change when they hardened into points. He ran his teeth up each ridge. Chanyn squirmed beneath him, ecstasy clearly written in the smile on her face.

This he knew. Her body, he understood. No words or long conversation were necessary. He need only watch the response from her body.

Khial straightened and reached for her panties. “Can I kiss you here, my lady?”

He knew he didn’t need to ask. The way her thighs pressed together, seeking friction, told him what he needed to know. But he wanted her words, wanted the vocal confirmation to her body’s writhing acquiescence.

“Yes, please,” Chanyn whimpered.

She arched her bottom up, allowing Khial to remove her underwear. Once free, she spread her thighs wide for him. Like always, her scent assaulted him. Khial’s mouth watered. He lowered himself, ready to feast. Chanyn’s hips undulated in anticipation. Khial reared back ready to plunge in, when the door opened.

Jian stood in the door frame, dressed in a dark cotton shirt and casual slacks. The every day clothing on the former monk rubbed Khial the wrong way. He’d grown accustomed to seeing the male in the dark robes of his order. But he was no longer a monk. He was a regular male, a bonded male. All that remained now was his gold sash.

Jian took in the sight before him and smiled. Pride. Desire. Patience. “Don’t let me interrupt. Please, continue.”

Khial waited to feel irritation that Jian had interrupted them. It didn’t come.

Jian crossed the room, removing his sash and laying it across the same chair that Chanyn’s discarded dress now lay. He sat at Chanyn’s vanity and crossed his long legs, resting his hands against his abs; abs Khial knew were hard sculpted planes.

Before Khial’s head bowed, he noticed that Chanyn’s eyes were focused on Jian. The chirping birdsong was his imagination. Khial blocked them out, too happy to have a seat in the room once more. It had been five long nights without her in his hands. Khial dove in, seeking her pink bud, sucking it into his mouth, and swirling his tongue.

Chanyn bucked off the bed.

Her eyes might be fastened to Jian, but it was Khial’s name that tore from her lips.

Khial didn’t let up on her bud. He sucked harder, swirled faster. He had every intention of making her come hard and fast. Jian had taught him that a fast first orgasm caused a woman’s core to swell. That swelling felt amazing when a man entered and stroked her to a second climax. Khial never passed up the prospect of making Chanyn’s core tighter for him.

Chanyn arched her hips into his face. Her hands went into his hair as she rocked herself on his tongue. She gasped and her body shook. She came faster than he expected.

The smile on her face as she came down from her high warmed Khial’s heart. She stared into his eyes, peace on her brow. Khial felt an intense sense of rightness. He watched as the haze in her golden eyes cleared. He wanted to take her back there, back to the place where she drifted in a haze of pleasure. There he could reach her and hold her close.

Though he’d aimed for a swift climax, it had been too fast. He’d barely gotten the taste of her on his tongue. Well, he supposed a second orgasm now would make her even tighter for his grand entrance. Khial slipped his tongue down southward into her glossy folds. He felt movement to his side.

Jian joined them near the bed.

Khial wasn’t surprised. The other male could never be too far from Chanyn, definitely not when she was pleasure drunk.

Khial glanced up to see Jian skimming a hand down Chanyn’s face, a smile on his lips as he took in her glazed eyes. Chanyn’s eyes were on level with Jian’s package. Khial saw something pass between them.

Chanyn reached for Jian’s pants. From between the folds of her core, Khial saw Jian’s hand jerk as though to stop her before settling by his side and allowing her to loosen his pants.

A moment later, Jian’s cock was free. Jian leaned in towards her and Chanyn gave his dick a tentative lick.

Khial’s tongue paused. He held his breath. He watched Chanyn’s furtive licks, unable to take his eyes of the sight before him.

Finally, that pang of jealousy came and settled in his chest. Only Khial couldn’t decide where the jealousy wanted to be placed. Did he want to take Chanyn’s place and have Jian’s cock in his mouth? Or did he want to take Jian’s place and have Chanyn’s lips around him?

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