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The Shower Chapter Three

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Please enjoy this series of after ‘the afters.’ These slice of life stories are best enjoyed after reading the complete Pleasure Hound series. “The Shower” is a four chapter vignette staring your favorite violinist, Khial.

The Shower Chapter One

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The Shower2The Pleasure Hound Unleashed: The Shower

Chapter Three

Jian had been dreaming of Chanyn’s lips for months. Since the first and only time she’d taken him into her mouth. It was taboo for a woman in today’s society to do such a thing. But Chanyn was born and raised outside of proper society. Though she’d taken great pleasure in the act the first time, Jian hadn’t dared asked her to do it again. Not even after she became his wife.

Tonight when he realized her intentions, he couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. Even after the accidental bite, he couldn’t keep himself from her mouth. The sight of it, of her, of her plump limps wrapped around his cock was exquisite. Her tongue soft and gentle. So unlike a man’s touch.

Men were rougher in their love making. They knew the other man’s body could take it, would crave it. But Jian loved the gentleness of Chanyn’s touch. He reveled in the softness of her body, the care that it took to love her and bring her to orgasm. But he also craved the fierceness of man.

While Chanyn’s tongue tentatively tasted the underside of his cock head, Jian cast a glance down at the valley of her thighs where Khial lay. Khial’s tongue flicked in rhythm to Chanyn’s licks. As if called, the other man’s blue eyes rose to Jian’s

They stared at each other, transfixed. Khial lapped, Jian being sucked.

Khial’s eyes shot away from Jian’s, and widened. Before Jian could set his mind to wonder, a deep groan escaped his throat.

Chanyn had gotten over her tentativeness. Her lips slid further down Jian’s cock. Jian shuddered. He grabbed the headboard to steady himself, lest her impale the woman he loved.

Jian bowed his head as Chanyn gorged herself on him, taking him deeply into her mouth.

From the corner of his eye, Jian saw Khial’s mouth cover Chanyn’s entire bud and suck.

Chanyn slowly pulled away from Jian’s cock, her lips sucking hard at her retreat.

Khial’s lips did the same to Chanyn’s core. Her folds slowly sliding from his mouth.

It caused Chanyn to moan. The sound reverberated through Jian and he groaned. His eyes closed in ecstasy at the feel of her mouth. When they opened again he saw Khial gazing at him.

Jian’s hips moved, thrusting slightly into Chanyn’s mouth.

Khial lapped at Chanyn’s core in time to Jian’s thrusting.

The combined sight and feel sent Jian over the edge, just behind Chanyn’s own orgasm.

He pulled away from Chanyn, not wanting her first time at oral to include the taste of his seed. If women of this time didn’t enjoy the taste of a man’s cock in their mouth, the taste of his seed on their tongue was unthinkable.

Jian continued to pump himself with his own hand. When he looked down at his wife, the disappointment he saw in her eyes at his withdrawal warmed him. He loved the taste of her sweetness. The thought that she might be interested in sharing the experience excited him.

Next time, his eyes promised her. She smiled in understanding.

Jian leaned down and kissed the woman who held his heart. It was still a dream that he was able to touch her at any time he desired without needing to seek permission. These last months, holding her every night, had never gotten old.

He’d missed Khial in their bed this last week. Jian had been getting home late. He’d assumed Khial would warm the bed next to her. By the second night, Jian assumed Khial was still afraid to be with Chanyn on his own. He remembered their first encounter and how Khial had come seeking Jian’s help immediately after. But these past few months, after they’s all been bonded, Khial had excelled at pleasing their wife.

If he had not been born a first son, Khial would have made an excellent hound. But as it was Khial was a musician. His hands played Chanyn’s body like a fine instrument. Khial had no reason to be worried about his performance. And so by the fourth night, Jian began to suspect Khial’s absence was due to something all together different. Perhaps the man didn’t believe he was welcome.

Chanyn wasn’t one to hide her emotions. She had professed her love for Jian within a week of their meeting. Jian knew Chanyn felt deeply for Khial. Jian himself had developed a tender spot for the male after Khial had come seeking Jian’s help to please the woman he loved. That same night, the tender spot that Jian developed for Khial went lower into his loins. It had been a long time since Jian had had a male lover. He’d made no advances towards Khial, the male had been grieving the loss of the love of his life for these last months, while adjusting to a new wife, a new husband, and expecting a child.

Jian looked again at the male. Disappointment was written clearly on his face. Jian followed his gaze to the top of the bed. Their wife slept soundly after her two orgasms. He couldn’t help but smile. It was common for a woman still in her first trimester of pregnancy to tire easily. Bed sport was a rigorous activity.

But Jian could chuckle, he’d had a release. Poor Khial was hard as a rock at the end of the bed. There had been heat in Khial’s eyes while he watched Chanyn take Jian into his mouth. Heat and a twinge of guilt. Jian wanted to let Khial know that it was okay to want him, to seek him out.

An idea struck Jian.

“Let’s let her sleep.” Jian rose from the bed. “I have some ointments to help relieve your stress in the bathroom. Let me tend to you.” He extended his hand to Khial.

Khial hesitated a moment, staring between Jian’s hand and Chanyn’s still exposed core. Khial reached down and covered their wife and then preceded Jian into the bathroom.

Once inside, Khial looked around as though he’d never been in the room before. He backed into away, looking cornered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you.” Khial scratched at his chest, the right side where his heart lay. “Its just you’ve been gone every night this week and I…”

They both glanced down at his straining cock.

“But I did everything you taught me,” Khial continued. “I thought I had hurt her at first, but I didn’t. She actually was enjoying it-“


The other male stopped talking. It was the most Jian had heard him speak since knowing him.

Khial crossed his arms over his chest, not quite meeting Jian’s eyes.

Jian closed the door. His naked ass resting against the hard wood of the frame. Khial still had his clothing on. His shirt was open, baring his glorious brown chest. His pants were tented, hiding a firm erection that must be killing.

“You don’t have to explain,” Jian took a step towards him. “I trust you completely.”

Khial scratched at his heart again, and then his thigh. “You are an excellent instructor. No wonder they keep you so late at the temple.”

“It has nothing to do with my instructions, Khi. I trust you.”

Khial’s face screwed up at the word trust. He ducked his head, scratching now at his temple.

He couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for Khial to believe his words. He’d said them often enough the past month. Jian stared at Khial, aching to reach out and stay the man’s hand as he scratched at his forehead. And then it hit him. It was a matter of faith.

Jian had faith in abundance. He’d been a monk for over half his life. He didn’t often need an explanation, logic or proof. But Khial was raised in a house of science, of abusive science at that. To one without faith, all those things were necessary.

Jian turned away from Khial and went to the small cabinet on the wall.

Khial’s eyes tracked Jian as he pulled poultices and oils from glass cabinet.

“Do you trust me Khial?” Jian turned around. He watched the war wage over Khial’s features.

“I know you are a good man,” Khial said. “I know that you love Chanyn. And you’ve proven that you will come to my aide if ever I need you. Or if I do something stupid.”

Jian thought back to the time he rescued Khial from a brawl in a men’s shelter. Right now the man had the same lost look in his eyes as he had that night.

“So you’re confident that you can rely on my word and my actions.” Jian sat the bottles down on the stand next to the shower stall.

Khial rolled this new statement around in his head. Finally, he nodded.

“Can you swim?”

Khial frowned at the new direction of the conversation. He nodded once more.

“When you swim, do you grab hold of the water?”


“Why not?”

“Because its impossible. The water slips through your fingers.”

“Yet if you relax, it will carry you and you will float.” Jian emptied a healthy dollop of the poultice into the palm of his hand. “Water can move you. You can move it.”

Khial’s eyes were on Jian’s hands as they rolled the poultice between his palms.

“Someone who doesn’t know how to swim well might be thrown into a body of water and they will flounder and likely drown.”

Jian pulled his hands apart. Each hand came away with the sweet-smelling poultice.

“But someone with knowledge and confidence in swimming, that person can step off a cliff and into the water, and they will float. They will thrive.”

There was a wariness to Khial’s eyes. Though wariness wasn’t the perfect word. To be sure there was caution behind his blue eyes as he watched Jian’s movements. But there was no lack of trust. It appeared to Jian that Khial was more worried that he’d like whatever Jian was about to do to him; that he should feel guilty.

“You know how to swim Khi. You know how to trust.”

Jian approached the male with caution. He held his hands up to Khial’s nose. Khial swallowed, an anticipatory shudder went through his shoulders.

“Trust me, Khial. Smell,” Jian smiled.

Khial sniffed like a hesitant dog, his eyes never leaving Jian’s face.

“Its lavender. It will help to relax your muscles. May I?”
Khial nodded.

Jian rubbed his hands together once more. “Take your shirt off.”

When Khial hesitated, Jian put up his palms to remind him of the poultice on his hands. Khial was a smart man. He read Jian’s intentions clearly. Jian continued rubbing his palms together. He stood away from the door so that Khial could escape if he so desired. He didn’t have to wade in too deep if he didn’t want to.

Khial removed his shirt.

They stood face to face. Jian was about to ask the man to turn around, but thought he might be pressing too far too fast. His hands landed on tense muscles. He circled and kneaded Khial’s strong shoulders. At first Khial kept his gaze on Jian, but soon his eyes closed. Jian watched the muscles in Khial’s face relax, watched him in this unguarded moment and felt a sense of gratitude.

Khial was a good man. A good man that had a rough start in life. Jian had always believed first sons were blessed, having the love of their parents, having more rights than second and subsequent sons, having the privilege to marry women.

Khial had had all these opportunities and they hadn’t lead him toward storybook life. But now that Khial was under his care, Jian was determined to make the rest of Khial’s life the stuff of dreams. Just as he intended to do with their wife.

Jian stepped into Khial until their thighs brushed. Khial’s eyes blinked open. Jian focused his attention and his hands on the male’s defined chest. Though he was crowding Khial’s space, there was still a chance to escape.

After a moment, Khial closed his eyes once more. He reseted his hands against the basin and leaned back allowing Jian more access to the lower half of his body.

Jian ran his hands down the planes of Khial’s abdomen, working the salt in, kneading the resistance out. Jian nudged Khial until he turned, presenting him with his back. There was a light scar there that Jian hadn’t noticed before. He ran his hand over it.

“One of my mother’s experiments,” Khial said.

Khial said it matter-of-factly. His tone was always matter of fact when he spoke of his parents. Jian probed no further. His intention was to heal wounds, not open them.

Jian bent his head over the spot and said a soft prayer. He felt Khial’s intake of breath at his words. But the man said nothing.

“You know that I’m here for you, Khial. Whatever you need, you can ask it of me and I will give it to you.”

Khial said nothing more.

Jian worked Khial’s back muscles. Khial rolled his head under Jian’s manipulations.

“Come,” Jian said when he was finished.

Khial stiffened.

Jian wrapped his fingers around Khial’s bicep. He gave the male a gentle tug towards the shower stall. “Let’s wash this off of you.”

Jian reached in and turned the shower water on. He had his back to Khial as he adjusted the temperature to get the water just right. Behind him he heard the soft swish of Khial’s pants as they dropped to the floor.

Jian stepped over the threshold that separated the shower stall from the bathroom tile. He did not turn back to watch Khial, he waited.

Khial stepped in behind Jian, pulling the glass door closed.

Jian stepped forward, angling the shower head over his head. The water fell behind Jian. Instead of pinging the ceramic floor, it made a pat pat sound off of Khial’s chest. Khial’s arms came on either side of Jian.

Jian turned around. He was eye level with Khial. Jian took in the man’s strong jaw. His normally cloudy eyes were clear now as the water ran down his neck.

Jian reached above him and aimed the shower head at Khial’s chest. Once the water made a cascade down Khial’s broad pecks, Jian reached his hands out and began washing away the the remaining poultice from the man’s body. It was an easy reach as he was boxed into Khial’s body, caged by his arms. But though Khial’s arms were on either side of Jian, he came no closer.

Jian kept his hands above the man’s waist. When he finished cleaning Khial’s chest, Jian reached and around and guided the water over Khial’s shoulders and down the man’s back. Jian reached around and wiped away the salt.

Unlike before, Khial didn’t close his eyes at Jian’s touch. He looked directly at Jian, a tidal of emotions sweeping across his face. Jian watched his own hands and forearms, allowing Khial the privacy he needed to gather his courage, his faith.

When he was done, he looked into Khial’s eyes and smiled. “Is that better?”

Khial didn’t answer. He took a step into Jian and crushed his mouth to his.

Jian fought his instinct to give as good as he was getting. He allowed Khial to claim him, to maneuver him where ever he needed to go.

Khial pushed Jian into the wall tile. Jian felt Khial’s erection against his belly. Unbidden Jian’s hands went into the man’s hair. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted it as much, as evidently, as Khial did.

Khial pulled away. He closed his eyes for a moment. His foot taking a step back.

Jian waited, holding his breath.

Finally, Khial opened his eyes. He reached past Jian and turned off the water. He took two steps until his body was flush with Jian’s.


Jian blinked, looking again into those clear blue eyes.

“Would you turn around for me?”

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