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The Loyal Steed Part Two Free Download

Below you’ll find the link to the Free Download of “The Loyal Steed: Part Two.” Its on Google Drive. And nope, you don’t need a Google account or sign into your account. Simply click the link. You’ll be taken to this page.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.55.35 AM

Click “Download” and then load the .mobi file onto your Kindle.

If you have any trouble accessing the file, simply email me using the Contact Page and I’ll send it to you directly.

Here’s the link

“The Loyal Steed: Part Two”

Now that Merlyn knows of the carnal lessons Jaspir has been giving to Liam, will Liam stand a chance to win a place in her heart?

Or will Merlyn cast him aside for the man she’s always loved?


After you load your free download, please check out the rest of the Bonus Content on the site.

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