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Spirited Away Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Spirited AwayChapter Twenty-Seven: ASSAILED

“Really, this is the safest place to be.” Shanti could hardly believe the words coming out of her mouth as she sat across from the two women.

The Eloheem had left them alone with Shanti as they fled the scene of the destruction. It had been a trying few days for her. She’d thought she’d died. Found the love of her life. Been abducted. Fallen under the spell of her true love’s domineering brother. Been abandoned. And now she was not only doing the rescuing, she was insisting that her former cage safe.

“Did they abduct you too?”

This came from the younger woman. She had large hazel eyes. Her thick hair was pulled back and tamed in a bun at the base of her skull. She wore a vest overtop of a frilly shirt that was likely white, but now was covered in dirt and grime. On the lower half of her body was a long gray skirt that covered her knees and a pair of something Shanti hadn’t seen since her short stint in a Southern grade school. Penny Loafers. With an actual penny slipped in the top.

“They did, didn’t they?” The young woman, Esther she’d said her name was, her eyes went wide with fear.

“No, no. They didn’t.” But Shanti hesitated as the words rolled off her tongue.

The older woman beside Esther caught it. Her name was Beulah. In her mind Shanti cringed when she thought of the abuse the woman had likely taken as a child. She was dressed in jeans and a demure shirt. Her hair was in a thick plait around the crown of her head reminding Shanti of renditions of African queens.

“What are they going to do to us?” Beulah looked off to the side where the young child lay sleeping peacefully.

“They won’t hurt you,” Shanti said. “That I promise you.”

“But the others-“

“The others were sick. These beings, their called Eloheem, they’re not. They were just on the Earth to get a plant to help heal their ship.”

“So they’ll take us back?” asked Esther.

Shanti hesitated. She knew that they couldn’t turn back any time soon as they had other aliens on the look out for them. But even more, she’d seen the way the males looked at the women as they boarded. Shanti felt certain that none of the Eloheem would harm the women. But she’d seen first hand how persuasive they could be.

“I don’t know the answer to that. I only know that you are safe now, and they will do everything in their power to make sure you stay that way. You’ve all been through a lot. Why don’t you get some rest. We can talk again later.”

Shanti left the women to the room and went down the hall to her own room. Inside she found Chen resting on the berth. His eyes were closed. His bruised arm rested across his bare belly.

Shanti took a moment to stand over the bed and stare down at him. She’d known him for less than a week’s time, but she felt he was an intrinsic part of her life, a life she couldn’t remember without him in it. Her heart ached at the thought that she’d almost lost him. That his last thought would’ve been that she didn’t want him.

“That would not have been my last thought, my only.” Chen’s mouth didn’t move, but his eyes opened.

“My last thought would have been of your smile. And the way you laughed while we were in the water. And the way your body looked in the crystal blue waters. I would’ve lingered on that thought for quite awhile.”

Shanti broke into a smile. Then she went to the bed. Chen opened his arms for her. Shanti went into them, gingerly.

“I am nearly healed,” he said, his breath brushing across her forehead, his lips landing at the bridge of her nose. “The algae is working in the energy mines and the ship is nearly healed my wound.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Shanti looked into his eyes. There was a mischievous glint there.

“I suspect a little trip to Nirvana and I’d be as good as new.”

Shanti chuckled, but she came to her knees. She threw one leg over Chen. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly. Then she freed her breasts. Chen swallowed. Shanti reached for Chen’s hand, the hand attached the wounded arm. Chen didn’t wince, but she sensed the mild discomfort that remained. Shanti placed Chen’s hand on her bare breast. Then she went to work on her shorts.

Once her shorts and underwear were free, Chen froze. His hand tightened on her breast.

“What is it? Did I hurt you.”

Chen swallowed. She felt him trying to calm himself and pick over his words. Finally he let out a long breath. “Your fertility period is approaching.”

“Do you mean to tell me that if we have sex right now, I’ll get pregnant? With twins?”

Chen shook his head. Shanti felt relief flood through her. She wanted Chen right now, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to become a mother.

“Not this time,” Chen clarified. “But sometime very soon. The pull to procreate is very strong with us.”


Chen chucked his chin behind her.

Shanti looked over her shoulder to see Hsing leaning against the closed entry way watching the two of them. She hadn’t even heard him come in. Her immediate reaction was to cover her nude body. But when she saw Hsing quirk an eyebrow, as though he waited to see if she’d do it, she tossed her hair over her shoulder in a flippant manner instead.

“It takes both our seed to create life within you,” Hsing said from his post on the wall.

“Both of you? At the same time?”

Hsing stayed against the wall, but his smirk loomed large. “You’d like that wouldn’t you, little one.”

Shanti opened her mouth, prepared to deny the kinky suggestion. But then she realized, the truth was, she would like that. She wanted both of them. They were both in her heart. She just didn’t think she was ready to be a mother.

When her eyes rose to Hsing his face looked strange. Almost shell-shocked. She knew he’d heard her thoughts. Was he angry that she wasn’t ready to breed his babies? Did he want to trade her in now? Maybe for one of the other human women on board.

Hsing sprung off the wall and was before her in less than a second. His hands on both sides of her face, his large eyes intent on hers. “There is no one else for me but you. Doubt it again and I”ll bend you over my knee.”

Shanti grinned. Then she captured Hsing’s lips.

Beneath her, she felt Chen growing excited. With her lips still locked on Hsing, she reached down, opened the remainder of Chen’s robes and grabbed his cock. She broke the kiss with Hsing, when she heard Chen hiss. She rose her hips and slid Chen inside her. All three of them sighed with pleasure.

Hsing rounded to the back of Shanti. He trailed kisses up and down her spine as she rode his brother. Chen had both of her breasts in his hands, squeezing. His petals massaged her clitoris. Shanti’s climax hit her fast and hard. She collapsed down into Chen’s open arms. Chen took her hips in each of his hands. He raised her hips and handed her torso to his brother.

Hsing didn’t give Shanti a moment to catch her breath. He spread her legs wider over Chen’s prone body, and he was inside her. He set a brutal pace, pounding her G-spot from behind. She gasped her pleasure, unable to catch her breath. Chen pulled her head down and placed gentle kisses at the corners of her mouth her, telling her with his mind how much he treasured her.

It was too much. With both males intent on sending her to heights of pleasure she’d never dreamed of, Shanti didn’t feel like she was going to explode with her next climax, she was certain she’d come apart at the seams.

Every inch of her body vibrated with sensation. It felt like whatever was inside her skin was trying to break free.

“Come with us, Shanti,” Chen said into her mind. He must’ve said it in her mind because her ears were ringing.

The orgasm came at her from two directions. At the base of her spine where Hsing’s thrusting made her back bend. At the crown of her head where Chen whispered kisses across her brow. When the sensations met in the middle, the impact scared her. She felt herself splitting apart, her skin separating from her bones and spilling out her essence. There was nothing to hold onto.

Then she felt strong fingers entwine with her own. She knew without looking that it was Chen. She felt a warm palm press into her other hand; Hsing. They held her tight as they all sailed. She couldn’t tell where one of them began and the other ended.

Her mind felt disjointed as something called her back to the physical realm. There were more sensations on her skin. She felt Hsing leave her channel. He handed her body back over to Chen.

Shanti felt the cool blankets of the berth beneath her back as Chen laid her down. She was too weary to open her eyes, but she felt him mount her, part her legs and thrust him. Chen’s movements were slow and deep. His mouth claimed hers as he invaded her every sense. He felt like home, but there was something missing. Where was Hsing?

Shanti opened her eyes to fine Hsing at the edge of the bed. His eyes rapt to hers. As Chen thrust into her Shanti couldn’t take her eyes off of Hsing and his beautiful body. He glistened from his chest all the way down to his throbbing cock. Shanti’s mouth watered.

When she looked back up to Hsing’s face, she saw his eyebrow quirk. He fisted himself and crawled closer to her. Shanti took his offering without hesitation.

Hsing pumped into her mouth while Chen pumped into her body. Her third orgasm worked it way slowly from the top of her head down to her torso. When Shanti closed her eyes, they were all together again. Formless. Interwoven. One.

She didn’t remember releasing Hsing from her mouth. She didn’t remember Chen moving out of her body. She felt herself in a cocoon of warmth. A nose in her hair, breathing in deeply. A light brush across her eyelids. Shanti felt whole. She felt home.

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