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Spirited Away Chapter Six

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Spirited Away

Chapter Six: Tentacular

What kind of angel was he?

Shanti had never bought into the idea of angels. But coming face to face with Chen, a being who could heal with one touch, communicate directly with her mind, and walk on water, she had been easily converted.

She now understood why people were told to walk into the light. She remembered flying above the Earth with this angel without wings. He’d said they were in heaven. Well this was definitely her idea of heaven. A bedroom with a double king-sized bed decorated in every hue of blue. A devastatingly handsome male over top of her, waiting patiently. One hand entwined with hers, seeking a connection. The other hand resting on his cock -his monstrously large cock. His monstrously large cock with tentacles surrounding it.

“Afraid, Shanti?”

He looked magnificent as he knelt between her thighs at the bottom of the bed. The muscles of his abdomen rippled under his blue skin. He was completely hairless. His torso was tone. The tentacles of his package did scare her, because it looked like some alien horror story. She’d never paid much attention to angel penises. She’d assumed they were just like regular male penises. In biblical stories, angels had done their fair share of impregnating human women.

Chen’s actual cock was normal. Well, not exactly normal. It was large and thick. Focusing on it, Shanti began to throb between her legs.

“Afraid, Shanti?” he repeated.

Her eyes flew to Chen’s. She’d come with him without much thought. She’d come because for the first time in her life she felt that someone understood her. Even though they didn’t understand each other’s language, she felt that Chen got her on a soul deep level. And she felt that she understood him.

She’d recognized the same loneliness within him. He must be lonely, being someone who collected the newly dead as they made their way to the afterlife. She imagined him gathering souls over the years, never communicating with them, just guiding them. Until he met her and saw a kindred spirit.

He’d said he was untouched. His V-card shocked her at first. Who would ever turn down a romp with a male who looked like Chen? Then again, if he were leading deceased women towards the light, she could fathom the hesitancy. But he wasn’t taking Shanti where the other dead went, he was keeping her.

She reached her hand out to him. She knew that he would never hurt her. He closed his eyes for a brief moment in what looked like relief. Then he took her hand.

He said he would keep her safe, that he couldn’t let her go. Shanti didn’t want him to let her go. She wanted to be wherever he was for the rest of her existence. It was crazy that she’d found her soulmate in death.

She ached to be claimed by him. To jump his bones. But her soulmate came with an unusual package. It looked to Shanti like a peeled banana, the white flesh of the banana. Chen’s cock was a pale blue, surrounded by the five peeled, blue rinds.

“Petals,” he whispered in her mind. “They are called lotus petals. They will not hurt you, my Shanti. They are designed to increase your pleasure.”

Shanti felt a swell of emotions race through her veins. She felt how much Chen desired her. She felt his reassurance that he would never hurt her, that he only wanted to please her.

He covered her body with his own, leaning down to kiss her lips once more. When he did, she felt the brush of his cock. It was hot and throbbing. She also felt the velvety smoothness of those tentacles -petals.

Shanti reached out to touch one.

Soft and firm. The petal was the same texture of a testical. It moved in the same manner too of a human males fleshy sack. Reshaping as her fingers stroked it, hardening under the pads of her fingers.

Chen’s breathing changed. He was no longer untouched.

She continued to play with his petals with one hand and reached for his very human looking penis with the other. His large, thick, human-looking penis.

Shanti had had luck with lovers. She remembered one in particular -Manny Charmayne. He had been a very generous lover during their time together in the Peace Corp. But that poor, little rich boy had nothing on Chen.

Shanti salivated. Chen’s eyes widened and his breath caught. He must’ve read Shanti’s desires. Shanti scooted down to act out her intentions. When her mouth met Chen’s throbbing cock, he let out a surprised gasp.

She licked the tip. Chen’s broad shoulders quaked, his large eyes going even wider. With her eyes on him, Shanti circled the head of Chen’s penis with her tongue. From the corner of her eye she saw the petals of his loins tremble like leaves rustling in the wind. The movement entranced Shanti.

She sunk her mouth all the way down, her nose touching the fleshy edge of one of the petals. It reached out to her, like a finger and caressed her chin. It was soft, warm and throbbing. Just like Chen’s cock in her mouth.

Before long, Chen was mumbling unintelligible words, likely in his own, angelic language.
It was a beautiful, language, melodic.

“Take from me. I give of you my entire being, Shanti.”

Now she was hearing voices. It was Chen’s voice, but she must’ve imagined the words. Wishful thinking. No one had ever given their selves to Shanti. No one had ever promised her their undying love. And that was fine with her.

Growing up in hippievilles and spiritual retreats, Shanti was confident in her body, mind, spirit, and sexuality. She believed in casual sex and free love. And she was a hardcore feminist. She didn’t need a man to take care of her. She didn’t expect a prince to sweep her off her feet.

And none had ever offered.

She had no idea where that thought came from. But she quickly banished it and went back to work. With Chen’s cock in her mouth, and his petals lightly caressing her chin and cheeks, Shanti rolled her tongue, hollowed her jaws, and teased with her teeth. Shanti was confident in her skills and she expected Chen losing his mind, and his seed, quickly. With this being his first time, she expected him to not last long, but he remained hard and throbbing with need.

Maybe angels didn’t come. Why would they? They lived in paradise. Another throbbing need grabbed Shanti’s attention.

She released Chen’s cock with a pop of her mouth. She planted a chaste kiss on the nearest petal. Then she returned to the top of the bed and lay back down.

Shanti crooked a finger at Chen. He stared down at her as though she were unreal.

“I will worship you,” he whispered.

Those words she understood clearly. She parted her thighs for him.

Chen looked down at her, helpless, as though unsure where to begin. On his knees, he tried to inch closer to her, but fumbled. He caught himself before he crashed into her. His hands shook as he reached out to her.

Something in Shanti’s heart cracked. This was his first time. Shanti reached up. Placing her hands on either side of his face, she brought him to her and kissed him. Chen sighed into her lips. She tasted an apology.

“I want to please you.” The words came from within Chen.

She kissed the side of his mouth. “I am pleased.”

“I do not want to disappoint you.”

“I’m not disappointed in you.”

The room was silent, only the sound of their breaths. It was amazing how they needed no words between them. She heard him so clearly.

“I want to give you what you need, Shanti.”

Shanti reached down and fisted him, bringing him closer to her entrance. “This is what I need.”

Chen came willingly, eagerly. His petals pet her hand as her fingers gripped his cock.
Shanti tilted her hips up, spreading herself wide as Chen knelt between her legs. She guided him closer, closer, until he was at the breach of the flesh of her entrance.

Chen didn’t push into her. He hovered above her, starring rapt at the spot where their two bodies met.

Horny and impatient, Shanti scooted her hips closer. Chen let out a shuddering breath when the head of his penis entered her. He looked up at her, into her eyes. The strong creature looked lost, helpless. Shanti wrapped her legs and then her arms around him. She pulled him to her. Chen came willingly, eyes still locked on hers.

He slid in slowly, never breaking eye contact. Chen’s length was thick and long. Shanti was tight, it had been awhile for her. With their bodies joined and his face hovering over hers, Shanti began to see what she had to assume were hallucinations. The things in her head had to be her imagination. She saw stars explode and reform. She saw planets of colors she’d never witnessed on earth. She wanted to reach out and touch these wonders.

“All of it,” Chen whispered into her mind. He withdrew his length and pushed into her once more, deeper. “I’ll show you all of it.”

Shanti gasped at the impact of the wonders in her mind and the sensations at the apex of her thighs. Chen filled her body and her head. He’d promised to show her the entire universe and all of its stars. Not only did she see stars and galaxies, she saw herself standing with Chen. He held her close, like she was precious.

“You are precious, Shanti.”

Shanti tried to hold onto her sense. She wasn’t one to fall hard and fast. Unlike her parents she had a sensible head on her shoulders. She didn’t believe in fairytales and love at first sight and soul mates. She was happy enough with companionship, someone to hold a conversation with after her orgasm. She had no idea what the rules were in this after life, or how long this time with Chen would last.

“I am yours, Shanti. You are my one and only mate. For the rest of my existence and into the next, my soul will forever be linked with yours. Those are the rules.”

Shanti stared into his eyes. Her heart pounded a beat in time with her clitoris. She couldn’t hold onto sense. She slipped and fell just a bit.

“I will never hurt you, my only. It is an impossibility.”

She couldn’t hang onto her sense any longer. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, Shanti flipped them over and she mounted Chen. After a moment’s shock, Chen reached up for her face, then was distracted by her breasts.

In her mind, she showed him what she wanted, to be on top, to ride him until they both climaxed. She imagined herself with her head thrown back, her body shivering. She imagined him gripping her as he pumped into her. If possible, Chen’s large eyes grew wider, his mouth parted, breaths coming in pants.

Confident he understood her intentions, Shanti began to move. Chen said her name aloud, like a chant. Shanti swiveled her hips, taking in as much of his cock as she could manage, still wanting more.

His girth was a delight to her channel. It hit all the right spots, massaging that bundle of nerves right behind her pubic bone. But it wasn’t enough to send her over the top. She needed friction on her clit. She wanted his hand. Before she could reach out to take his hand and show him what she needed, one of his petals folded over her clitoris.

The velvety smoothness of the petal was beyond anything Shanti ever imagined. A second and third petal joined in on either side of the first. These petals latched onto both of her labias. They were soft and warm, but Shanti needed friction.

As though hearing her desires, the petals began to vibrate. The movement was a wave-like suckling motion. That was all it took.

Shanti’s breath caught in her throat as her entire body seizes on a deep wave of sensation provided by the trio of petals. And then she came crashing down. The orgasm rolled through her, hot and fast moving, like a volcano erupting. Like lava spewing forth to decimate anything in its path.

She felt heat run down her thighs. It ran down her arms. She felt warmth in hr neck, down her spine. She felt the top of her head bursting with heat waves of pleasure.

The eruption went on and on, longer than any orgasm she’d had in her life by a man or a battery operated boyfriend. When it was finally over, Shanti’s body slumped over and into Chen’s waiting arms.

She felt herself shaking in his arms. She heard herself panting. Through all of it Chen watched with that same amazed wonder in his large eyes. He reached up and kissed her with an expression she’d only witnessed priests, monks and nuns show during their daily devotions.

Shanti closed her eyes. The pounding of her heart was loud in her ears. She was certain she felt the blood pumping in and out of the organ. Through all her years of meditation and yoga, this moment was the most zen, peace, clarity she’d ever achieved in her life.
But then she opened her eyes with a start. She realized he hasn’t come. She wasn’t a multi-orgasmic kind of girl, but she wanted to please him. She reached for him, but he stayed her hand.

“You should rest, my only.”

“But we didn’t take care of you.”

“I took great pleasure in you,” Chen said with a lazy grin.

Shanti watched his lips move. She realized they were no longer communicating mentally. She understood everything he said, but she was sure he wasn’t speaking English.

“I can understand you because you’re essence is within me now,” explained Chen.

“Sex as a translator?”

Chen laughed. Shanti decided she really enjoyed that sound. “Yes. And you can understand me because my essence is also within you.”

“But you didn’t…you know.”

Chen narrowed his large eyes at her.

“You didn’t…ejaculate.”

“Of course, I didn’t. You’re not fertile.”

”You can only come when I’m fertile?”

Chen nodded.

“Well, that sucks for you, doesn’t it?”

“Ejaculation is only a small portion of sexual pleasure. It also means that I can please you without having to replenish my store of seed.”

Meaning he was better than a vibrator with an endless supply of batteries. “But that’s not what I mean,” she tried to clarify. “I’m dead. The dead can’t get pregnant. Or can they?”

Chen pulled away from her. “You are not dead, my only.”

“Yes, I am. I was bitten by the scorpion. Then you showed up to collect my spirit. Though this feels like my normal body. I even have this old scar.” Shanti picked at the scar she’d got jumping a fence at the age of twelve. She’d been poaching on a redneck farmer’s land. But he’d had the sweetest Honeycrisp Apples.

Chen was staring at her.

Shanti pulled away, a prickle crawling up her spine. Should she feel prickles if she were dead? She’d just had the most intense orgasm of her life-.

Wait, no. She was dead. Wasn’t she?

“You walked on water,” Shanti said. “I went into the light with you. We left the planet.”

“We are in the Heavens. I believe you call it space. We’re on my ship.”

“Ship? Angels have ships?”

“I am not an angel. I am Eloheem from one of the moons of the planet Elysium.”

“Moons? Planet? You mean you’re an alien?”

Chen nodded.

“Wait. I’m not dead. You abducted me?” Shanti scrambled out of the bed. “What are you going to do with me?” She backed against the wall, completely naked. “Are you going to probe me for experiments.”

“Shanti, I told you I would never hurt you. I brought you here because I thought you wanted me.”

A flash of memory hit her head. Chen asking her if she would come with him. “What if I wanted to go back?”

His face fell, and with it Shanti’s heart. “Do you want to go back, Shanti?”

“I…” Did she want to return? What did she have to return to? Just an hour with Chen had been the most fulfilling and satisfying of her life. Her life. Which she still had running through her veins instead of scorpion poison.

The door opened. A male identical to Chen stood in the doorframe. But there was something different about him. Something harder, harsher, darker. His skin was a darker shade of blue. His eyes and mouth set in a permanent frown. Even the energy coming off of him felt different.

Shanti took a step back from this second Chen. A step closer to her Chen.

“So, brother,” said the other Chen-twin. “It appears the abduction went well. And I see you’ve already primed our mate with copulation.”

Our mate?

Shanti looked between the two of them. Chen heaved a sigh, but he didn’t correct the other male. Shanti looked out the door. Before she could make a dash, the door closed behind darker Chen.

And she was trapped.

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