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Spirited Away Chapter Seventeen

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Spirited AwayChapter Seventeen: DEFENSIVE

“You do realize she suggested it in order to get us to return to the Earth?”
Hsing eyed his brother as Chen thought about an answer to his question.

“She’s warring within herself,” Chen finally answered. “She’s afraid to stay because she thinks we’ve taken her choices, her freedom, away.”

“She needs her choices taken away. Until she can state them clearly.”

“But she’s also afraid to leave because she does feel something for us. She is bound to us, and that scares her most of all. She’s afraid of rejection.”

“You’re making as little sense as she does, Chen-Na. She can not have it both ways. And neither can you. You can not let her go and keep her at the same time.”

“Regardless,” said Chen. “Her solution is sound. The lifeforms she describes may be the only way we can save the Mothership.”

“So you want me to turn the ship around? Return to Earth? You understand the danger in that? We got away with it once, but the planet is patrolled by-”

“She won’t leave us. Especially if she sees that we are giving her a choice. Trust me, Hsing-I.”

“Its not just her. The Marred Ones are still out there. Not to mention what will happen if the Neterians catch us on their precious planet. And there’s always the threat of the Draconians.”

“None of us will survive if we lose the Mothership. We can’t afford not to risk it.”

After long moments of perusal, Hsing grabbed the controls and set a course to return to the Earth. He believed his brothers words. He believed that Shanti would not leave them. But more importantly, if she had a way to save the ship, it was his duty to investigate it.

Hsing scanned the Heavens for signs of other ships, be they Marred Ones or Others. After the war in the heavens, the defeated reptilian race known as the Draconians fled this galaxy, but there had been word recently that they plotted another attack against the guardians of this galaxy, the ancient beings known as the Neterians. The Neterians had once stationed their minions, the Grey Reticuleans, on the planet humans knew as Mars. But there was currently no sign of life from the red rock. But that didn’t mean the gray minions weren’t lurking somewhere in the abyss. He had to vigilant on this foolhardy errand.

Hsing left the command in Pakua’s capable hands. Sometimes the pressures of ensuring the safety of all the members of his crew weighed him down so heavily. At these times, he’d go and engage in physical activity. Doing energetic forms of movements until his body was heavy enough to go to sleep. But he’d spent himself earlier sparring with Pakua and using up the last vestiges of his Nirvanic vigor. But sleep eluded him. The time after he’d laid with Shanti was the most sleep he’d had in many revolutions.

Hsing had shouldered the weight of the fate of his tribe for such a long time, long before he was ready if he admitted it -which he would never. He was barely a male full grown when his father handed him the command, joined the other adults, and lead the Marred Ones away from their children and the Mothership they all knew would protect and sustain them. From that day on it was Hsing’s responsibility to keep everyone safe. His decisions that could cost everyone their lives or their deaths. He had to be decisive, clear, unwavering.

Hsing felt the pressure in his shoulder blades. He reached behind his head and pinched the place between his neck. The ache didn’t abate.

Hsing marched down the hallway. He sensed her before he saw her. A trilling laugh touched his ears. Hsing picked up the pace. The sound was pleasing, not as pleasing as when she’d moaned her pleasure.
He spotted Shanti down the hallway walking with Niao, a sullen Nse trailed the two. Nse perked up when he saw Hsing. Niao and Shanti wiped the grins off their faces.

“Looks like you’re getting your wish, little one. We’re returning to Earth.”

“You’re not leaving us, Shanti?” Niao reached for her hand and grasped it in his own. “Are you?” His large eyes implored her.

Shanti hesitated before she spoke. “I have something that will help the ship. We’re going back to get it.
Niao gave a sigh of relief. Along with his brother, he turned and bowed to Hsing, and then the two were off.

“Do you ever speak the truth with your pretty mouth, little one?”

“You’re an asshole. How’s that?”

“I don’t have one. But I can see that you would like me to play with yours.”

Shanti took a step back.

“The act seems a waste of time in terms of breeding and pleasure. Most of your pleasure centers are located in your vagina. But I’m curious enough to explore.”

“What if I told you I don’t want you to touch me unless I say so?”

“I would tell you that you are a liar.”

“That’s what Chen pledged to me.”

“Chen knows well what you want as I do. He’s placating you. That’s not in my nature.” Hsing caught a strand of her hair.

“Fuck you, Hsing.” Her nostrils flared and her pupils dilated, beads of sweat formed on her temple. One bead raced down past her ear to her cheek.

“I like this word.” Hsing clasped his hand behind her head and ran his tongue up her neck meeting the bead of sweat. He gulped it down. “Does it mean what I think it means?”

“Let me be clear,” her voice was as shaky has her hands. Both failing to push him away. “It means leave me alone.”

In Shanti’s mind, Hsing felt the sensations of his tongue making trails all over her body. He sensed her mind clouding, felt her body tremble with need. Hsing saw Shanti’s mind take his tongue to the dark, intimate place between her legs.

“So it does mean what I think,” he said.

Hsing watched, amused, as she tried repeatedly to shove the image from her mind. But it kept coming back stronger, more detailed. That was the way when the mind and body were out of accord. Without harmony, there was no defense. Hsing had easy access to both her mind and her body.

He hoisted Shanti up against a wall. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist. When she realized what she was doing, she began to squirm. Hsing pressed his torso into her wet heat.

“You want to leave, Shanti?” His fingers dipped into her garment until he found the hot, wet proof he sought.

She let out a strangled cry.

“Go on, Shanti. Leave.”

Her eyes blazed into his as she panted her desire.

“Unwrap your legs from me and I’ll move my hand.”

Her eyes ignite so bright Hsing nearly had to look away from them. Her anger fueled her desire licking the flames higher.

Hsing licked his lips. Shanti’s eyes followed his tongue. He rolled her throbbing bud between his thumb and forefinger. Shanti cried out. Her legs tightened around him, her hands dug into his shoulder blades. The action of her hands relieved the pressure his own hands couldn’t reach earlier.

Hsing reached into his robes and withdrew his member. Without ceremony, his petals unfurled and he thrust into her.

Shanti’s body shook from her head to her toes. Her arms clung to him.

“You want to return to your life on Earth?” Hsing set a relentless pace, pounding her into the wall. She dug her nails into his back. “You think you can be parted from me? You wouldn’t last a day. I’m in your blood. I can feel the ache with in you.”

Hsing pumped her harder. Every worry of the day falling from his shoulders with each thrust. He felt himself lightening and at the same time filling.

“I’ll let you go to your planet. I’ll let you return to your home. But you will come back to me.”

Hsing felt her swelling around him. He knew that she was close to orgasm. He felt himself opening up to receive the burst of energy from that alternate plane. The back of his spine tingled in anticipation of it.

“I crave the sounds you make when you’re approaching Nirvana. There’s a note you hit.” Hsing changed the angle of his thrust.

Shanti’s pitch went higher as her inner muscles clenched around him, all resistance gone as her vagina, her legs, her arms clutched to him for dear life.

The sense of awakening washed over him, but it wasn’t enough. “No, that’s not quite the note I was looking to hear.” While she still clenched around him, Hsing changed the angle of penetration again and pounded into her even harder.

A second orgasm tore through Shanti, nearly bending her backwards. Her voice went deeper, a guttural moan.

“Yes,” Hsing sighed as he let the waves of peace wash over him, his whole body became attuned to hers.

“That’s the sound.”

Though she shook in his arms, Shanti held her head high and looked into his eyes. Hers were blazing with a mix of desire and anger. “Fuck you, asshole,” she whispered.

Hsing smiled. He felt his entire being light up for this defiant little creature. He ran a finger over her brow. “You can go home, Shanti.”

The haze instantly cleared from her eyes to be replaced by something close to dread. It was clear to Hsing. Just as he could never stay away from her, she could not stay away from him. He pulled her closer and she allowed him deeper into her still quivering, warm heat.

“But you will come back to me,” he said softly.

He felt her relax into his touch. She allowed him to support her entire weight seeming to know he would never let her fall, that he would shoulder all of her burdens.

“You will come back to me.” Hsing removed his hand from her brow. He turned, carrying her still attached to his member, his petals soothing the dull ache of the pounding he’d just given her, preparing her for more.

“Now,” he said as he marched down the hall and into her room. “Let’s see about this asshole of yours.”

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