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Spirited Away Chapter Fourteen

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Spirited AwayChapter Fourteen: ACCORD

She was out of her mind.

Oh god she was out of her mind. Or maybe it was traces of the scorpion’s venom still in her vein? Or perhaps remnants of zen from Chen and Niao. Those had to be the reasons why she did nothing as Hsing’s dark, blue hands roamed her body. He wasn’t gentle like his brother. He didn’t fumble and ask for guidance. Hsing’s fingers were sure as they ripped the t-shirt from her body. He used his teeth to dislodge her bras. And still Shanti didn’t push him away.

Her body was on fire. Her brain was fried.

Hsing yanked her shorts off along with her panties. Shanti lay beneath him, naked as the day she was born. Hsing gazed down at her for the briefest of seconds before pouncing onto her, into her.

He was inside of her before she knew it. In one deep thrust that had both of them crying out. It should’ve hurt. She wasn’t ready for him.

But she was.

She heard the wet and juicy slaps of their bodies connecting. She’d been dripping for him, hungry for that arrogant tongue to claim her mouth. Almost immediately an orgasm began to build. She had no choice but to hold on to him as the sensations climbed up her spine. Up and up it went. Lightening fast. But somehow slow enough for her to clock its progress.

The hum of the pre-orgasm buzz spread first to both of her ass cheeks, which Hsing held firmly grasped in each of his hands. Then it latched onto the base of her spine. From there it went up, like an elevator stopping on each floor. It stoked the glowing embers of her solar plexus. It spread like wild flowers bursting through her heart. Shanti groaned deep in her throat as the warming sensation reached the crown of her head.

“Oh god,” she screamed as she was at the crest of the largest, orgasmic wave of her life, but she didn’t go over.

Hsing wound his big hand into her hair and gave it a firm tug that jerked her head back. “Do not speak any deities’ name but my own. I am your god now.”

Shanti didn’t even have a moment to be shocked or rattled by his commanding, arrogant tone. Hsing plunged once more into her, even deeper than before. His eyes stared down at her, daring her to say the offensive name again.

For a moment Shanti’s pride had the name of Jesus on her tongue, but Hsing plunged ever deeper into her and held her torso to him. He filled her completely, with no inch remaining to her own self. She held onto the cliff by her pinky toe and soon it gave.

“Hsing,” she screamed as her orgasm tore through her.

She felt her muscles clamp around him. The bed shook. The room shook. But when she opened her eyes she saw that it was not the bed, not the room. It was Hsing who shook. His large body trembled powerfully above her. His eyes were closed, but his face was open. He looked entirely unguarded, vulnerable, beautiful.

Shanti reached up and with trembling fingers of her own she ran a hand down the side of his face. She felt her heart open. In her mind’s eye she saw the same yellow mist of the energy mines residing inside Hsing. She saw the mist reach out from him and wrap itself around her heart. No, not her heart. It was some place beyond her heart, deeper in her core.

Hsing opened his eyes. And for a moment Shanti felt entirely connected to him, safe with him cocooned within that deep level.

Her palm tilted and his cheek followed as though she were a marionette with strings and he was her devoted-

With no notice, Hsing shuttered himself.

He flipped Shanti onto her stomach. He drew her knees up into his hands -her legs flying straight behind her- and he plunged deep once more inside her.

Shanti screamed.

It should’ve been a scream of pain. She’d just had one deep, muscle-clenching, breath-stealing orgasm barely a moment ago. She shouldn’t be ready so soon. But somehow, she was. Her channel wasn’t irritated. It was hungry. When Hsing entered her, she swallowed him whole and cried out for more.

Hsing’s pace was relentless. His fingers on her clitoris. It should have felt uncomfortable. Instead it felt warm. Next to his fingers, she felt the familiar soft heat of one of his petals. Somehow she knew that it was the petal that allowed the touch to continue. Before long her orgasm was rising again.

“I am bound to you, Shanti.”

Those words were not the pillow talk of a main in the throes of passion. Those words were growled in her ear. It wasn’t awe or reverence like when Chen made a similar proclamation. Hsing’s tone carried a gruff reluctance.

“I will lay down my life for you,” he said as he pounded into her. “I will be in service of your needs and your pleasures for the rest of my days. But never forget who’s in control.”

He made her come four more times.

Shanti wasn’t sure how long Hsing stayed inside her. He kept her facing the pillows as he held domination over her torso. True to his words, he twisted and bent her body until he wrung every bit of pleasure from her that he could. Not allowing her to see his face again when she climaxed. Not allowing her touch him again as she came down from the highs.

Shanti was dazed, but not dazed enough to realize that just like with Chen, Hsing didn’t climax inside her either. And like Chen, Hsing took great pleasure in her climaxes. He’d urged her higher and higher with each orgasm. The convulsions lasting longer and longer, gripping him harder and harder.

Shanti saw stars. Perhaps this was the Nirvana that Hsing spoke of. On the last orgasm, she felt that she’d left her body, that she was floating in a mist of colors. She could no longer tell what was real and what was not.

She felt something caress her face, rubbing softly over her lip and eyelids. She felt herself falling, but the impact was pillow soft. And then she was covered in warmth. But she couldn’t determine if those were arms cuddling her or a blanket swathing her.

Shanti opened her eyes. She had no idea how long she’d been out. It felt as though she’d slept for days. Her body felt alive and energized. She expected to be sore but only felt a mild twinge of use.

She looked over to see that Hsing was fast asleep beside her. His face unguarded in sleep.

The orgasms had been mind blowing, but not enough to make her forget her goal. Shanti was thankful for the sex. It would tide her over for months, years maybe. But the facts still remained, she was getting off this ship. And now that both Chen and Hsing were asleep and not dipping into her thoughts, she had a moment to herself to plan her escape.

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