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Spirited Away Chapter Five

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Spirited AwayChapter Five


Chen gathered the female to himself. She came willingly. The chambers of his hearts pumped at double speed. She felt right in his arms. One of his arms went under her legs, the other around her back as he cradled her body into his chest.

There was no longer a sense of fear in her. Only a hint of uncertainty remained. Chen’s new lifelong intention was to eradicate any sense of doubt from her entire being and replace it with the certainty he now felt about her.

She was The One. He could already feel his soul reaching out and entwining with hers. Her hand resting on his chest. Her five fingers might as well have left a brand on his skin. His life was no longer in his own hands. His body had linked with hers, deciding at the first touch that she was the mate to his soul.

When he first clasped hands with her, Chen saw a slew of images. A brown man with skin like an arbor’s bark. A tan woman with skin the color of earthen sand, much like his own mother’s. He saw Shanti surrounded by a myriad of humans overtime, but she always stood apart from the group. Reaching deeper, Chen uncovered an overwhelming sense of loneliness. He cradled Shanti even closer to him.

He rose with his precious cargo and turned towards the water’s edge. She hesitated, twisting her body in his arms.

Chen sensed distress. He halted his steps. His shoulders slumped. He tried to stop his fingers from digging possessively into her skin.

He knew it couldn’t have been this easy. It was too much to believe that he would be able to come down and find a willing woman who he felt attracted to; to find a woman who called to him on a soul-deep level. It was too much to come into contact with a woman who agreed to leave her home planet and travel the galaxy with him after only knowing him for a few moments in time. Chen knew it had all been too good to be true. He tried to unfurl his fingers from her supple skin, but they wouldn’t budge.

Words spewed from her mouth. She had a lovely voice. It reminded him of watching a star rise while he stood atop the highest peak of a planet’s mountain.

Chen’s eyes fastened on her lips. He’d felt her desire to press her lips against his, her desire to have his lips pressed against hers and various other parts of her body. Chen ached to give into her desires. He wanted to communicate with her, to tell her that he would give her anything she desired, but he couldn’t grasp all of her words.

She reached behind them, motioning towards a sack.

Chen sensed an attachment to the sack. “These are your belongings?” he thought to her.

“Yes,” she nodded her head.

“Yes,” Chen repeated out loud, adding a second word to his vocabulary.

She smiled at him. All tension released now that he understood her desire. Chen grabbed the sack and slung it over his shoulder. Then, quickly, he moved to the water.

Shanti tucked her head under his chin and sighed. Chen’s steps faltered as her hot breath hit his bare neck. He pulled her even more closely to him, determined he would never let her go.

She gasped once more when, instead of stepping into the water, his feet tread atop the surface. Her eyes were wide as she watched their progress. She tilted her head up at him and began to speak. Her mouth tilted in a mix of wonder. He felt delight shimmer across her skin.

Chen added the word “water” to his vocabulary. It was similar to the word in his mother’s language. He also recognized another word she’d used. He’d heard his mother speak the name of “Jesus” before. He was a human male, a great spiritual teacher.

They reached the other side of the bank where the transportation pad lay. With great reluctance, Chen set Shanti’s feet down on the ground. He was gratified to see that she still clung to him.

His hands rested on her back and he pulled her flush to his chest once more. “Do not be afraid.” He pushed his meaning telepathically to her.

“I’m not afraid,” she responded.

“Not afraid,” he said aloud.

“No, I’m not.” Her smile was beatific.

“Shanti,” he sighed, pulling her against him.

She came willingly, more unintelligible words came from her lips. Chen didn’t bother to understand. Her intention was clear. She was ready, willing, and dare he believe, excited to go with him.

Shanti placed a hand over her chest, pressing down on her ample breasts. “Shanti,” she said. Then she placed the same hand over his chest and pressed down. Her head inclined to him.

Chen was too busy staring rapt at her breasts. It took him a moment to take her meaning. When he did, his hand rose to cover hers. “Chen-Na.”


Though she pronounced it wrong, he loved the way his name rolled off her tongue.

“Chen,” he used the familiar form of his name. After all, she would soon become very familiar with him.


Chen nodded. She smiled once more. They stood there a moment in the embrace. Chen’s hand rose from her hand. It traveled to her face. His thumb rubbed tentatively at her bottom lip. She leaned into his hand. He felt her desire. Everything in Chen urged him to lean in and claim her lips. He moved closer.

The light from the ship cast them in a glaring glow. She shut her eyes from the harsh light. Uncertainty rose within her once more. Chen wrapped his arms around her and pressed her into him.

Fear skittered down her spine as they went airborne. He could tell the moment she opened her eyes and saw that the ground no longer lay beneath their feet. She squeezed her eyes shut again and clung to him.

“You are safe,” he told her spirit. “You will never be alone again.”

Shanti’s eyes opened. Her head tilted up to his. She pulled his head down and brushed her lips against his.

Chen was a patient male. He’d achieved levels of zen that many of his kind had never reached. To reach these levels had taken many star rises of concentration and attention in one sitting. With one brush of Shanti’s lips against his, Chen lost hold of his entire being.

The force of his lips meeting hers caused her to gasp for breath. She broke away and exhaled into his mouth. Chen captured her head so that she couldn’t break away again. He set his lips over hers once more, aligning himself with her, trying to connect his soul to hers as they rose towards the stars.

Shanti’s tongue traced his bottom lip. Chen’s legs nearly buckled. He reached his tongue towards her. On impact, they both moaned. Her body throbbed with desire. Her emotions, her desire, her need nearly overwhelmed Chen. His other arm snaked around her lower body. His loins ached to join in the exploration. He was ready to strip them both bare in the middle of the Earth’s atmosphere.

He heard someone clear their throat.

On instinct, Chen put himself between Shanti and the intruder. With Shanti behind him, Chen took a fighting stance. He came face to face with Pakua Chang. The male was sitting at the controls of the heliopad. Pakua raised a brow at Chen. Chen relaxed his stance, marginally.

Pakua’s eyes fixed behind Chen. “She’s here willingly? You must have found your father’s sutra.”

Chen didn’t respond to Pakua’s questioning. “Where is my brother?”

“He is at meditation along with the rest of the Yins. I am on duty.”

Like Hsing, Pakua was a Yin, one of the warrior halves of their kind.

Chen nodded. From behind, he found Shanti’s hand, entwined it with his own, and led her forward. “When he is finished, let him know I’ve returned with our soul mate.”

Chen walked Shanti passed Pakua. He felt a sense of confusion within her. She didn’t understand their language and Pakua wouldn’t dare try to link with her to communicate directly. Chen would explain all in good time.

They arrived at his rooms. Chen ushered her in and sealed the door behind them. When he turned back to her, she stood a bit apart from him.

He took a step toward her. “Afraid, Shanti?”

Her eyes widened at the sound of her name on his lips. “No, Chen.”

Chen’s nostrils flared at the sound his name on her lips. He stepped closer. She didn’t retreat. He reached a hand out toward her. He may have imagined her hesitation. Her fingers trembled as they made contact with his. But then their palms touched. Like a comet, that same wave of connectedness zigzagged through both of them.

“I intend to keep you, Shanti.”

“So, I’m not going to heaven?”

“We are in the Heavens, Shanti.” Her words were becoming clearer and clearer with each connection.

She looked around the room. There were no openings from which to see the blackness of space and Chen lacked the patience to take her to the front of the ship and show her. He lacked the patience even to wait for his brother. He needed to claim her now.

“I want to calm the ache with in you,” he said to her telepathically, unsure of how much actually translated. “It is the same ache within me. But you must know, I have never touched a female in this way before.”

She shook her head and words tumbled from her perfect lips. “I don’t understand, Chen.”
“I am untouched.” He tried to send her images of purity, but feared she would not understand.

“Untouched? You’ve never touched a woman?”

Chen nodded.

“You mean you’re a virgin?” Shanti dropped his hands and stepped back. She looked him up and down, doubt clearly written across her face.

Chen reached for her hand. “True,” he said aloud. And then he sent her images and the sensations of desiring her in an intimate way. He imagined himself pressed against her, their bodies unclothed. He imagined the feeling of heat and passion and fullness.

Shanti took a few steps closer until she was pressed against him once more.

And then he sent her his uncertainty. All he knew was that they were supposed to be pressed together. Chen worried that he didn’t know how to please her, that he might even hurt her with his ignorance.

“Its all right,” she soothed him. “I know what to do.” She kissed the side of his mouth.

Chen understood each of those words. When she stood close to him, touched him, kissed him, everything was clear between them.

“My father wrote a sutra on female seduction,” Chen thought to her. “The sutra was known as the Kama. It would tell me how to proceed so that I might give you maximum pleasure. But it is lost to us.”

“Kama? You mean the Kama Sutra?

Chen pulled away so that he could see her face. “You know it?”

“I have it.”

Shanti released his hand and reached inside her sack. She took out a tablet and pushed a few buttons. She spoke as she did so, but as they were disconnected Chen only caught a few of her words. Shanti handed him the device. On the screen, he saw his father’s drawings of the male and female form. Shanti clicked a button and the screen changed to show more pictures of sexual positions. Chen’s arousal became painful as he glanced down at all the possibilities.

“You’re telling me that your father wrote the Kama Sutra?”

They weren’t touching but still he understood each of her words. He reached out to her so that she would hear him clearly. “Yes. My kind has visited Earth before.”

“I would imagine so if you come to collect the dead.”

The dead? She must not have heard him clearly. Or perhaps he didn’t hear her clearly. “In the past we have taken females.”


“But I did not wish to follow that path. My father showed us a different way. A way where I can offer you pleasure if you agree to come willingly.”

Her face was screwed in confusion. Words were failing him. Chen pulled her flush to his body once more, trying to communicate his all-consuming desire for her.

“Now that you have chosen to come with me Shanti, I don’t think I could let you go.”

Her hands traveled up to his face. “I don’t want you to let me go, Chen.” She pulled his face down and their lips met again.

Chen felt her fingers leave his neck and go lower. His loins throbbed, but she did not reach out for them. He felt her fumble at her middle. Her arms rose over her head. A piece of fabric passed between them; the cloth that covered her chest.

Shanti stood before him with only two triangular pieces of cloth covering her breasts. Chen’s fingers trembled. She reached around her back and then the cloth fell forward. Her breasts were revealed to him; brown mounds with dark nipples.

Shanti’s hands came to rest on Chen’s chest. Her desires clear. Chen bowed his head and his mouth engulfed one of the mounds. Shanti let out a needy gasp. Chen reached behind her and pulled her body closer into his.

He felt the excitement race through her blood. He felt the heat rise within her core. He felt her need, a need he was going to fill.

His mind raced through the first few drawings in his father’s book. He knew he could manage those. He ushered her back to the cushioned berth. As he lowered her down, his fingers curled around the small scrap of fabric that remained between her thighs, answering her desire to be free of it.

Now freed of all clothing from her head to her feet, Chen took a moment to peruse what was now his. He took in all of the curves of her body, so unlike his. Not only did she have hair on her head, there was a dark tangle at the apex of her thighs. It hid her sex. Chen wanted to part that path so that he might see the treasures that lay inside.


The tone of her voice was needy. Chen tugged at the robes that covered his body. It took only a second for his body to be free of his cloth. He prepared to sink himself into Shanti’s body, but her gasp halted his descent.

He looked down at her. Her eyes were wide, her finger pointed at his loins.

Chen had forgotten this detail. His fathers had explained to him that Eloh anatomy was different than most other male anatomy. Most hominoid males had appendages for penetration, but the Eloh had a bit extra.

Shanti stared transfixed at his throbbing member and the fleshy petals that surrounded it. Because he was no longer touching her, no longer connected, he wasn’t sure if she was frightened or aroused at the sight of his lotus.

Chen reached out to her. His hand taking her pointing finger.

Shanti’s finger trembled in his palm. It wasn’t arousal she felt looking at the fleshy leaves of his lotus. Chen caught the words “tentacle” and “monstrous” as they raced through her mind.

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