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InstaFREEbie PNR reads!

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There are so many Book Giveaways happening this fall. Your eReaders are going to burst! There are two giveaways happening this week alone.

The first giveaway is all about Paranormal Romance. At last count there were over thirty of the hottest, most romantic, and thrilling reads to fill your iPad, Kindle or Nook. All of the books are hosted on a site called Instafreebie.

What? You haven’t heard about Instafreebie? Uh oh, your eReader is going to get super stuffed and good!

Simply click HERE to get your fill of free paranormal romance novels. I’ll be back on Wednesday with another giveaway with a whole new batch of free books. I’m off to sate my Kindle. Hurry and click now, these deals won’t last!

Author: Ines Johnson

Ines writes romance novels for women who suck at love. Check out her catalog on

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