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Blog Hop Hunt

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This week I’m participating in a massive Blog Hop, but it’s more than a hop -it’s a hunt. There’s tons of prizes up for grabs for those playing along! Read on to get your clue!This is your post for the ACOA Scavenger Hunt and I am pleased to be hosting JONATHAN YANEZ, in his post you will find a number, not in written text, but as a numerical number 7. Write it down and collect them all as you visit every post along the way. Good Luck!

Hey you filthy hobbitses, thanks for stopping by my post on this epic blog hop adventure. My name is Jonathan Yanez, and I write fantasy. The Nephilim Chronicles follows Alan Price on his journey to becoming… and then he finds out that angels and demons… well he has powers and … actually, instead of telling you what I write why don’t I just show you. By clicking the cover below you can read the synopsis and claim your very own copy of Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes, book one in the Nephilim Chronicles for free!

Want more? Of course you do. You can check out my links below and don’t forget to join my readers group via my website. When you do I’ll send you a free copy of my dystopian novel, Thrive, and you’ll have access to exclusive clips, giveaways and more! Love you guys and gals, thanks for supporting our work.

Click here to join my Readers Group and claim your copy of Thrive.

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Blog Hop Hunt Hint:

The number for your clue will not be written in text, but it will be numeral. Tally all the numbers you find during the hunt and tally them together. This final number will be an entry in the Rafflecopter on the ENTER HERE page on the official website –

If you get stuck along the way because you have a broken link, please visit the


Did you find the number? If you did, then click this author’s link JONATHAN YANEZ – to continue the Scavenger Hunt.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post.


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