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The Way of the Dragon

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IMG_0759I decided to bite the bullet and buy a dragon -from Nuance. It’s the Dragon Dictation software.

I love to take long walks. It helps me to figure out plot holes. But I often find myself a couple of miles from my laptop when inspiration strikes.

I’d begun hearing about authors dictation their books, but I didn’t pay attention until someone said the phrase “walk and talk.” This is where you talk the Dragon software out and speak into a recorder, or your phone, while you walk. Authors are doing this for health reasons. I’ve decided to do this because when I’m out walking I get my best ideas.So, I’ve started training my dragon. I speak in front of small crowds on a daily basis -I teach digital media and screenwriting at an art college. But it’s a different skill when you’re talking out loud to yourself.

Tonight, on my first Dragon ride, I only got 207 words. That’s abysmal for me. But I’m not discouraged. It takes a while to train a beast and I’m all in!

The image is of my dictating headset and the taoist monk statue that sits on my desk. I think they make a good pair.

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