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Second Sunday ~October 2015

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Appetizer: a tease of what’s going on with my writing.

So yes, it’s technically the third Sunday. I had a crazy month, ya’ll! I got to the end of Rumpeled (the second Cindermama book), only to realize that I’m going to have to go back to the beginning. But I’ve decided to put that off and write a first draft of the third Cindermama book, tentatively titled Beau. November is National Write a Novel in a Month and I’m going to tackle this story before diving back into Rumpeled.

Anyone wanna write with me? Sign up for NANO here. You can buddy me up. My username is ninkee. You can also follow me on twitter @ineswrites where I’ll chart my activity under the hashtag #amwriting.



Main Dish: an app recommendation!

Have you all heard of Hoopla Digital? If not, you need to google that ish right now!

Hoopla is a nation-wide audio book (and music) lending library. All you need is a library card and you can download six ebooks every month. I am in heaven!

I love listening to historical romance novels on audiobooks. It feels like I’m listening to Masterpiece Theater. I also love to walk and listen. I’ve nearly walked a marathon listening to Zoe Archer, Sally Mackenzie, and now I’m listening to Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster series. I’ve lost a few pounds;-) Check it out!

Until next month!


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