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TheCleverFoxnotextRaised in an overbearing family of scientists, Alyss has been slowly suffocating as a closet artist all her life. When Adom, a struggling male artist, wants to paint her, Alyss leaps at the chance to be his muse. But her perfectly packaged exterior begins to crack as she struggles to keep their painting sessions secret from her disapproving family.

In a matriarchal society where men are second class citizens, Emet is a vocal advocate for his gender. He and Alyss are pitted against one another over a legal issue that could eradicate fundamental male rights. That’s why Emet, Adom’s bondmate, has cause to worry when he finds Lady Alyss in their home posing nearly nude with her legs spread, her hands bound, and her eyes closed in the ecstasy he knows all too well as rope bliss.

This story contains MM sexual scenes, MF foreplay and rope bondage.

Read each part for free on Kindle Select.

Buy the complete serial on Amazon.

Author: Ines Johnson

Ines writes romance novels for women who suck at love. Check out her catalog on

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