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Teachable Texts: Needing Kink

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The element of a great romance, for me, is when the hero and heroine fit each others’ need.

There’s a preponderance of books where pain is pleasure. And that’s okay with me -when I believe that there’s actually pleasure being had. I’ve read too many books where women are getting spanked just to get spanked. Its not clear how the act satisfies a need in them, nor is it clear that the man understands and is acting to fulfill that need. That understanding is the sexy part to me: a woman who knows (perhaps subconsciously) what she needs and a man who knows exactly how to give it to her.

My book, “The Pleasure Hound: Part One”, came into being out of this frustration. I wanted to read about a heroine who was eager to explore pleasure. I wanted to encounter a hero who was skilled in, and solely interested in, that woman’s pleasure. My hero, Jian, studies women’s bodies like textbooks. After cramming in all her inner most desires, he emerges ready to ace the examination.

In “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the character of Christian Grey is unveiled to us like a mystery. I became obsessed with his personality flaws, his depravity, and the parceled-out clues to the ‘whys’ that James laid down bit by bit. James outlined Grey and his “kinky fuckery” with just enough detail to make you eager to peel back his layers and understand his core. I, like Ana, reveled in over-thinking about this dude.

Perilous Play finalIn Suz de Mello’s upcoming book “Perilous Play”, which is a part of the “What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey #8″ anthology, Trapper is an enigma. Our heroine tries, in vain, to peel back his layers, but she continually meets walls. For his part, Trapper reads her like an open book and takes her to heights of pleasure she’s only read about or seen on video. Its clear that he understands her and plots his every move to give her what she needs sexually while he keeps himself just out of her reach. And she keeps coming back for more.

They say men like the chase. But I would differentiate that men like the physical chase, while women can’t pass up a mental one.

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One thought on “Teachable Texts: Needing Kink

  1. Wow…interesting analysis. Thanks! I”ll have to put on my thinking cap to contemplate this.


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